Battery bloated

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I am using the FP1 first edition. Last week I had to replace my battery the second time. The first battery was slightly bloated but this time it got worse. My girlfriend uses the same phone as I do and she also had to replace the battery the second time. The bloating was not that bad but we had 4 batteries now which had a severe problem.
I attache two pictures from my last battery and I really think that it does not look healthy anymore…


Woa. You better bag that away safely and dispose of it according to your local regulations. And take a quick picture from the backside … through the bag :slight_smile: How old is this battery in the pictures? Is it from the 1st or the 2nd battery manufacturer? If you talk to FP, maybe you can request batteries from the “new” batch from the new manufacturer?

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Sorry, the battery was already gone so I cannot help with the picture from the back side.

The order for the battery was on Feb. 5th. I did not replace it directly but lets say I used it for a little less than a year.

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Is there any information about when new batteries will be coming in?
I contacted support and after their response I filled out the linked form for the bloated battery report but all I know now is that I have to wait for new fairphone batteries to come in, which I don’t know when they will.

They are coming soon:


Four days after contacting fairphone with exactly the same problem- bloated battery and no response except an automated email with links in it that don’t work. For supposedly the most repairable phone you can buy it is ironic that ANY other phone would be easier to get a new battery for. Even an Iphone could be taken to a shop and repaired in a day or two.

This is my second problem with this phone- my first was the light/flash stopped working a couple of month after I got it. That wasn’t a user repairable part despite being sold on the site, and it still is. Only attempt that repair if you can create lines of solder half a millimetre wide one millimetre apart.

If anyone knows any other phone that has an identical battery it would save every a huge amount of hassle.


The basic info on that is post 8 and 9 of this topic (see below), perhaps explaining to support that you’re in Australia (if you’re still there, as I remember that was why you didn’t get the flash replaced under warranty) and asking whether they know a compatible Changhong battery might work (if they have that information at all). Only problem is that support still has capacity issues, so responses on some issues have taken 3+ weeks…


I have the same problem. My battery is bloated and now my back cover doesn’t close. I need a new battery urgently. I wrote to support on 25th March, 10 days ago, but I don’t have answer.
Also I tried to buy a new battery in the shop, but batteries aren’t in stock. I need a solution. I don’t know if I should not use my fairphone, but I need a phone.

I’m disappointed with fairphone. I need a battery in order to continue using my fairphone and it is not possible to getting batteries and moreover, support doesn’t answer. I understand that support team has a lot of work, but it’s needed to answer more quickly. Now, I think that the fairphone project has a lot of problems, I will buy a new phone and I will generate waste, when I only need a battery. The philosophy of fairphone is that you can change some piece and you can fix your phone, but it is not possible.

I hope a solution and I hope not have to buy a new phone and generate waste.

Thanks and sorry, I liked fairphone project but it needs to improve a lot before going on, now I don’t recommend buy a fairphone

Thanks for your response, I’m actually in the UK at the moment, but going back in a few weeks. Obviously it will be a great deal more trouble to deal with it once I’m out of the EU.

For me the same problem, I wrote to support on 31 march, and didn’t get a reaction.
Today I tryed it again. I need my phone to.
I hope for a solution soon and not to buy a phone from another company…


I realise this issue is already discussed here: Battery bloated - but since FP switched to FP2, it seems little is done for this situation.

I have a bloated battery - and cannot use my phone - it unloads as soon as charged.
I wanted a new battery, they ran out without telling me when they would get new ones, so I am left without phone nor a solution…

I commented on facebook and I’m waiting for some solution from the zendesk… But running out of batteries for phones supposed to consider their world and environment seems like an issue. I hope you do not make the same mistake with the new modular phone… As it would make modularity obsolete (no spare parts…).

I hope we have a more open solution for this known issue, than private replies, it would be professional.

The spare batteries ran out and will be back soon but since your battery is bloated you don’t need to buy a spare battery but can get a free replacement. Send @anon48893843 a PM to get a faster response to your support ticker.

When will you have batteries again? As I said, my battery is bloated, support team doesn’t answer, also I wrote in forum two days ago. Each day my phone is worse, back cover doesn’t close and I suppose that it’s better that I don’t use it for security. But, if I don’t use my phone, what is the solution?

Should I buy a new phone? How long does fairphone team take for saying something about my support ticket? How long does battery take before I receive it?

Now, I want and need a battery, it doesn’t matter if it’s free or not, it’s better free because the problem is bloated battery, but I need to acquire a battery as soon as possible

Please contact @anon48893843 via PM to get your battery replaced.

The battery is available again in the shop from today. However, I would try to call (phone) Fairphone Support first (if you haven’t done so yet) to see if you can get a warranty replacement for it.


Oh! Great!! Many thanks for the information!!

Well, I’ve had a (slightly) bloated battery, too. I’ve just bought a new one. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
(I was used to batterys failing to work after about one year, because that happened to my last phone, too. But it wasn’t bloated.)

Fairphone 1 has a two-year warranty on its battery, Fairphone 2 only has one year.

A one-year warranty on batteries seems to be quite common. :frowning:

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