Battery bloated

@Jan4: I have the same problem. I wrote the support on 8th of November and they told me
"We expect to resume shipments from our distribution partner in the week of 16 November. […] Once batteries are back in stock, we will inform you directly, so you do not need to follow-up to this email. We will email you immediately when batteries are back in stock."
Until now I didn´t get any email so I think it will last at least 1-2 more weeks until I finally have the new battery.
I just hope it´s only coincidence that a LOT of the Fairphone batteries seem to bloat after using them for only about 1 year…

Have a look to this thread:

@therob: thanks for the link.

28-10 Ask for support about bloated battery
29-10 Mail from Fairphone asking a photo and battery number
31-10 After getting a camera to make the photo I send the photo + battery number to Fairphone
2-11 (monday) nothing
3-11 send a reminder
4-11 nothing
5-11 nothing
6-11 mail from Fairphone; will send battery next Monday because the batteries where sold out on Friday
10-11 Tuesday, nothing (I live in the Netherlands so the battery should arrive the day after sending)
11-11 nothing
12-11 nothing
13-11 nothing
14-11 nothing
16-11 end of the day, forum post from Douwe; batteries on stock
17-11 nothing
18-11 nothing
19-11 nothing

I’d suggest giving them a call:

Mon & Tues 10:30 - 18:30 and Wed-Fri 9:30 - 17:30 at +31 (0)20-788 4400

(From the support page)

Probably a good idea to have your support ticket number ready.
Not ideal that you have to chase this, I agree.

I’m very happy that after reporting my battery as bloated (it passed the spin test and the middle was thicker by 1 mm compared to the edges) on Saturday 14 Nov 2015, today I have received a new battery free of charge.

Where can I find instructions / guidelines on performing the first and subsequent charges correctly please. I’m using a FP1U model.

I apologise if this has already been answered before - just not sure where to look!

The battery guide is the place to look: :smile:

I contacted fairphone support on friday and expected a reply soon (monday) as they state “Contact our Support Team with the subject line “Bloated battery” and we will make your issue a priority.”. Well that hasn’t happend. I cannot wait any longer so I’ve ordered a new battery. I understand that there may be shitloads to do at the moment, but customers having a bloated battery should get priority treatment imho. Especially when fairphone states they would do so. I hope they refund my costs because the shipping costs are almost as high as the battery costs.

The new battery is finally arrived.


Did you think about to give them a call?
And you are sure that the replacement battery is not already shipped out to you (without a notification)?

They didn’t have my address so that’s impossible.

Yesss, everything’s sorted now. I will just wait for the battery to get room temperature. In the meantime I will study the wiki about handling the battery :slight_smile:

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It’s worth mentioning that you should dispose of the bloated battery asap, mine wasn’t that bloated so I left it in my bag as an emergency spare when my new battery arrived, a month later I happened to look at it and it was hugely bloated, too much to even fit in the phone, I’d hate for it to have burst on me.


Oh yeah, good point, thank you!

My battery seems to be dying as well, but I still can’t detect bloating.

My question to people who can/could: if you have the bloated battery inside, does your phone still report “good” battery health? To check, please use the dialer, type in

Battery information
and have a look.

BTW, while loading via USB/PC connection, my battery currently shows a temperature of 32°C.


In German it says “Okay” (2 month old, new battery, not bloated):

O_o And that battery is already bloated?
A new one? After two months?

No, it is new and not bloated (just as a reference, how it looks, if it is not bloated).

PS.: Sorry for not being clear, I’ll update my earlier post.


Hi Joe,

great - thank you for your action!



I am using the FP1 first edition. Last week I had to replace my battery the second time. The first battery was slightly bloated but this time it got worse. My girlfriend uses the same phone as I do and she also had to replace the battery the second time. The bloating was not that bad but we had 4 batteries now which had a severe problem.
I attache two pictures from my last battery and I really think that it does not look healthy anymore…


Woa. You better bag that away safely and dispose of it according to your local regulations. And take a quick picture from the backside … through the bag :slight_smile: How old is this battery in the pictures? Is it from the 1st or the 2nd battery manufacturer? If you talk to FP, maybe you can request batteries from the “new” batch from the new manufacturer?

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