Back cover woes

Mine’s just _A__PHONE now.


And mine has updated itself again, so it says ____PHONE.

At least it’s stopped ling to me.


Does the tape still look good after half a year? I used to apply tape to my FP2 case and the tape started to collect dust quite quickly so it had to be changed often. Am worried I would have to apply tape here again and again and would eventually pull the letters off myself with the tape.

Hope this does not count as a double post, since I have some questions to add:

  • I see we are all having fun in this thread, but is there any actual solution besides filling the letters with (white) color?

  • There’s a post saying the covers FP sends as a replacement look a bit different. Do the letters stay on it or do they still fall off?

I understand the question, but needing a solution does mean you regard it as a problem. Personally I think it’s purely cosmetic and doesn’t affect how well the phone works. It even looks quite nice! So is this really something that needs to be solved? Of course I understand you could argue you paid for a phone with white lettering so it’s good you can get a new back cover from Fairphone, but I’m just curious whether people view it as an actual problem or perhaps just a minor nuisance?

I started the thread as a spot of fun with a serious point. Support have replaced, but because I like my cover just as much without the white lettering I’ve never used the replacement that they issued to me (I had raised the issue with them to let them know this was happening rather to seek a replacement).

So I don’t know if the replacement is better or not, but the solution remains if you have a problem with the lettering to seek a replacement, or customize your cover as you see fit.


Same here, mine lost its “fairness” too. :wink:

It’s pretty great that Fairphone went with a see-through back cover for the FP3 after seeing some (including me!) in the community argue that the new FP2 cases should also include one in order to make the phone immediately stand out on a table - at least that’s my guess about their motivation. The next step would be that the phone doesn’t just stand out but the people with you at the table also see the brand clearly on top of the see-through cover. The conversation will inevitably turn to Fairphone and fair trade, but seeing the brand name imo helps them remember it when they are at their PC/laptop later in the evening doing online shopping. And that’s where letters which don’t fall off come in. :wink:

So yeah, i’d like my letters to stay on please and want to avoid getting sent new cases again and again until the warranty period ends, which would be bad for both Fairphone and the environment.


I have received a replacement back cover from Fairphone after opening an official support ticket. But since this is now hidden behind a black Protective Cover, I am already wondering if the lettering on the latter will prove to be more durable …

While I am absolutely with you, that it is - to me - purely optics, they evidently have to solve it, since they are aiming for the mass market.
And I would guess, that it is not exactly helping to build trust in a product or a manufacturer, when the lettering is coming off soon after unpacking. Many a buyer might come up with the question “What doeas that mean for the durability of the more essential electronic parts and modules?
So, in my opinion, it’s rather a question for the general public than it is for me (and many others as well of course), who don’t care that much about appearence.


I am totally with you on that but I was referring to an individual noticing their letters coming off and viewing that as a problem rather than a nuisance. To describe it as a problem as a user of the phone sounds a little bit dramatic?

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Same here! On my FP3 several letters got loosely and the F finally got lost last week. The glue of the letters isn’t really solid. Because I don’t want an “AIRPHONE” I will follow @Chris_R and pull off all the letters (love puristic design anyway). For future FP backcovers I wish that they will use printed letters instead of glued ones.



My FairPhone has renamed itself last month to “Far One”, with a flying H: Here still visible, it realy flew away some moments later.

Meanwhile, 3 weeks later I can report it is now “Fa On”, as the R and the E have gone missing too.

Tip/idea for FairPhone design/production: Move the characters to the other side of the cover. Since it is a see-trough thing, use it to avoid wear-and-tear.

On the other side, I just leave it like this, only profile-characters are also some statement.


My letters are also coming loose, first noticed yesterday that they are wiggling around :frowning:

Bad news, the new cover they have sent me a few months ago also loses its letters. I’ve tried to glue them back with strong glue but now I’ve lost the H, so I’ve removed them all and added white correcting paint in the letters, but because of the glue it’s not looking very neat and doesn’t fully stay in place, and it can easily get dirty…

I’ve asked for another replacement cover, as I love to talk about the Fairphone concept to curious people, and it’s indeed a bit of a problem to explain the letters don’t stick… I’m waiting for Fairphone’s answer.

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Mine’s turning into an Airphone…

I currently have an ‘ARPHONE’ but I fear it’ll change before International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Disappointing quality but replacing a cover seems silly other than for those selling their phone.

Just an idea and suggestion:

Everyone who gets herself/himself one of the new black or green protective cases and still has a back cover with an intact FAIRPHONE lettering – consider swapping it with someone missing some letters who will not get herself/himself a protective case. Under your protective case, missing letters will be invisible to everyone anyway, so why not offering a trade with someone who could need it?

P.S.: Of course this must be a swap – a two-way trade – because even when you have a protective case on your FP3, you still need a back cover inside to keep the battery in place.


Hey, so recently the Letters of the logo started to become extremly loose and fall off. It seems like the warmth of my hands is sufficient to ruin the glue.

Since I don’t expect the quality of the glue to be any better should I buy a replacement back I wanted to know if the full case for the phone (the one that covers the back) is any better and robust in this regard.

Personally I don’t care much for looks but this is very important for when flexing to others that I run a fairphone. And if the logo doesn’t even hold more than a few months that’s not great advertising

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I moved your post here to avoid duplicate topics.

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