Back cover woes

My soup turned fair today.


I’ll probaly use some model paint, for rainbow colored text instead :rainbow::smiley:


I like this idea, but I have already got used to the letters being gone and I quite like it now. I’m afraid if I try something else it will be worse :stuck_out_tongue:

Please make sure to show us a photo once you have done so. I would really love to see it. :slight_smile:


Same here. The “I” fell off after about 3 or 4 months of use. The other letters wobble around when I poke them with the tip of a fingernail.
Still not sure whether I like it without letters at all (bug or feature?). The back cover feels more sharp-edged without the white letters.

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My letters have started falling of recently, too. I hope that that the lettering on the announced protective cover will be more durable!

Still just a photoshop job, but I hope someone will succeed in realizing something like this sometime soon.


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Those colours give me a Kindergarten vibe to be honest. I would either go for rainbow colours (in the ‘correct’ order, shading from one colour to another, or silver.

I can confirm it, some of us had to last shorter…

The little story about my letters: I had the H fall of while skiing in february. It was stuck to the inside of my pocket. Sticked it back on and had no problems ever after, although the H is ever so slightly slanted since. Phone is usualy carried in my pants pocket.

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Hi everyone.
This morning I noticed that one letter from the back cover was gone. The letter “I” fell off and I couldn’t find it around me in the house…
So for a moment, my Fairphone became a Farphone which I suppose is a phone that comes from Australia…?
So I decided to remove them all. You just need to rub the back-cover with your thumb and they all go away.

My Fairphone has now a completely new style ! :wink:

What do you think?


I moved your post here to avoid duplicate topics.
Have a look around … you’re not alone :wink: .


Haha, didn’t even think to search for an existing topic. Thank you! :wink:


Yep, I currently only have a PON instead of a FAIRPHONE. Oddly enough, no letters have fallen off my fiancé’s phone.


See? You’re doing it wrong, whatever it is you’re doing :wink: .


I wonder if it’s because I have smaller pockets, so while he can put his phone into his pocket, I usually dump mine into my bag. :wink:

Between us, I sometimes play mahjong, so I don’t dislike the PON. I just wish it were the other way around so I’d have a RON instead. :smiley:

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Yours turned into a FA_RPHONE, not so bad.

Mine turned into a __I_PHONE. I felt ill.

Luckily it has now upgraded itself to a ____PHONE which is much better.

But I keep finding little white letters in strange places which is weird.


The best PHO I ever had was in a Hmong village in Amazonia.

Colonialism has strange consequences.

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I have


It is a phone indeed.

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Yeah, the F, A and R have disappeared from mine, now it says: