Vote for your favorite color - Fairphone 3 Cases!

Honestly, I have been trying to replicate your issue with the bumper here at home, and mostly, I wasn’t able to. I did get it to wobble (I looked it up myself, too :wink: ) eventually every now and then, but it was always at the same area of my desk, so – in my case – I think it was the desktop that’s uneven, not the bumper of the FP3.

I don’t really disagree with you. However, on the one hand we need to see in how far the case material is different from the bumper or not – whether it might turn out more elastic and more shock-absorbant or not. It remains to be seen if it provides real extra protection (I should have phrased it differently above, “don’t expect much additional protection” might have been the right way to put it). On the other hand, aesthetics … well, aside from the political statement thing, I do think that the FP3 has a really intimidating blackness all over it, so wanting some symbolic ray of (in this case, green) hope is something I can understand to some extent.


Thank you for your answer (and for the verb :wink:).
So it is an issue of my own bumper. Mine wobble (:sunglasses:) on every kind of surface and everywhere on it :cry: . Do you think it is a manufacturing issue or due to any deformation after a shock or something like this ?

I actually think with a somewhat flexible material like this, this might be inevitable. Not every bumper is 100% like the others, and also how perfectly or not it sits on the phone varies. If you haven’t already, you might also want to check if the hard back cover is properly “clicked” in place (no gaps in between) on the main body of the FP3.

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Thank you again :slight_smile:
The hard cover was perfectly clicked. However, I managed to improve the situation by warping the bumper. I managed to give it a better shape :grin:

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I need the colour because I will eventually have 4-5 fairphones (for all the family) and people need different colours to know which one is theirs!


Camera is my main concern and bumper case is probably adequate for white collar workers but not for me. All day I spend with tools, often in confined spaces, a pocket case is not practical for me as I have to be able to answer the phone with one hand. Also, the case actually has an additional protection for the camera which is cool albeit 0.8mm is not much better than nothing.

I have to say that the case is relatively expensive, but I guess such is the price of fair craftsmanship and minimal harm to environment.

I hope the letters are painted and not glued, I mean it’s not that important for me but it should be for the company.


More actual photos of the case can be found in the webshop now.

post_copy_5  ig_post_3
ig_post_6  ig_post_4


Photos are nice but the actual thing is better. I wish they would tell us when the case will be available, level with us a bit.

Just my guess: I would not expect it before 22 May (the discount code can be retrieved until 21 May).

Maybe the code is a clever way to find out how many people will show interest, so not to overorder?

I’ve been playing Animal Crossing and now I really want a case that looks like a Nookphone case :stuck_out_tongue:

The new black protective case can be bought in the Fairphone Shop now:


I’m just thinking should I pass. You can buy a new phone with that kind of money, and it’s not very green either. 37% made from biomaterials(what’s that?) just how biodegradable it is? I mean I see no innovation here.

In my view, biomaterials means that it is plastic made from plants (sugar or beetroot) or from plant waste and not from oil. So it generates less CO2. They are putting only one third of this probably because it is already expensive enough I think, or maybe because the properties of this new material are not as good as plastic from true petrol ? One other option is that humanity do not produce a lot of these biomaterials because we also need space to cultivate plants for our own consumption !
However, there are no clues that it is biodegradable. Oil is also from plants and animals at the beginning. The only advantage is that it pollutes less

39,95€ :sweat_smile::joy:

Well, if you followed the FP news you had the opportunity to get a 10€ discount.
29.99€ is still pricey, but no more than what Samsung and Huawei charge for their own protective cases…
You can also find generic protective cases that should fit for about 5€, or just decide that the bumper (which no other manufacturer provides with their phones AFAIK) is enough!


Is there an estimated release date for the green case yet?

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Ordered last week … will probably arrive tomorrow :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::+1:
Unfortunately, I missed this Euro 10 Offer, BUGGER!!!
Yes, pricey. But looking promising and accurate, so probably worth it, as I expect to use this phone for quite some years …