Back cover colors for FP2 owners now available

Blue Translucent was my first favorite. But with the idea of a photo behind, my new No. 1 would be the Transparent version.

Therefore I want to know, if the material (or materials, if there are different materials used for different back covers) is tested regarding color safety.

I am asking, because I have got a case for my actual smartphone that was white translucent in the beginning, but after a short period that changed a little bit to yellow, that doesn’t look very nice.


Unfortunately a lot of people ordering things in our webshop don’t read the accompanying texts very well. So then they will get back to us when the bezel gets dirty to ask us why we are doing such a thing selling inferior cases!

Next to that, a dirty case doesn’t seem like the best ‘advertisement’ for our product either. Maybe the white rim was really a FP1 thing. FP2 is all about transparent/translucent cases - in my opinion :innocent:


Good explanation! :wink:

Hooray for Transparency!!! :blush:

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Thank you for your answer!
I have difficulties imagining the dirty white rim though, could you perhaps post a picture so we can understand what the problem is? Tnx.

Im doubting between the transparent and the black-translucent one. However, I cant seem to find ‘real life’ pictures of the latter. Does anyone perhaps know if they are available somewhere? Would be much appreciated :wink:

Hello there,
I love the covers.
But I do not know which to choose yet.
I use my phone for work calls. When I telephone with the FP1 the voice of the caller can be heard by a third party one meter away. When I lower the sound level of the call I have difficulties to understand the caller, holding it to my ear.
(I have no hearing problems and I do not use it on speaker mode)
That’s why I want to change to FP2.
So my question is: will the different covers influence if a caller voice can or can’t be heard or will it influence the microphone/sound quality?
Thanks for a serious answer.

Hi Sabine,

as the covers are all made of the same plastics (I assume), they will probably all have the same technical impacts on the phone. But I guess your issue can happen to you with any phone in a silent environment or am I wrong? :confused:

Hi huskers,
thanks for your answer. :sunny:

I wonder what the “special edition” special THING will be … with transparent backs I guess it won’t be an engraving inside the back cover!

(I chose transparent : especially after someone previously suggested a home screen that’s a photo of the front with the screen removed :sunny: )


[quote=“nicka, post:52, topic:10162, full:true”]
I wonder what the “special edition” special THING will be … with transparent backs I guess it won’t be an engraving inside the back cover![/quote]
It could be an invisibly engraving :sunglasses:

no seriously, I don’t think it will be on / in the back cover, that is too interchangeable.

I guess there will be something beneath the back cover, on the actual back of the phone. I also cannot image that there is an engraving on the back cover… :slight_smile:

Hi Sabine
have you ever thought about using an headphone or earphone during phone calls. If they may are important and not for people arround you…


Hey Sabine,

As @huskers already said, it sounds to me like your issue is not Fairphone-specific, or is it? If you have the feeling that there are problems with the sound quality of your calls, I suggest to get in touch with our support team.

Anyhow, there won’t be any difference in sound quality for calls when using different cases, for sure!

Great news and nice colors! But I got a problem chosing my back cover color: I ordered two phones but I can only chose a back cover color for the whole order, not for every phone within the order. Are you going to fix that? It would be great to have different colors for me and my wife…


We are working on a solution for this, could you please send an e-mail to with this request? We’ll have something ready soon!

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So do we know yet if it will be possible to order an extra cover?
I am having hard time choosing between Blue translucent and transparent! Knowing that it will be possible in the future to buy another one would make my decision way easier… :innocent:


I was caught between the same ones, but why would it make it easier if you could buy two different ones? You still have to decide…
I think transparent really suits the very “transparent” project and is something extremely special -> So there was my decision.


Black Matte it is for me :grinning: , sorry guys

I’d be curious as well. Otherwise I might change my transparent order actually. A yellow disgusting case would not be my favorite choice. *push