Automatic reboot (random)


My partner and I bought two fairphones (FP3 in september, FP3+ in December).
The two phones were likely to work properly but then, random reboots started to occur several time a day since the 10th of January.

We have tried different things. On FP3+ we avoid the phone to connect in 4G. Only in 3G or home wifi, it works… Not satisfying at all but at least the random reboot stop.

On the FP3, I have observed that the phone always switch off when I am at home. I had to spend few days elsewhere and the phone never switched off… Here I have no wifi activated at all, only on 4G.

We are thus a little bit lost and also disappointed by the situation. I have contacted the customer service but got no answers.

Are we the only one to experience such situation?

Thank you for your feedbacks


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