Audio with ugly noise reduction/filtering

There seems to be an automatic noise reduction or filter that removes some of the audio but introduces very ugly audio artefacts. This affects videos but also voice messages. When I do not want this processing applied for videos I can use OpenCamera and select “unprocessed” for audio (automatic audio ducking in videos but for example with audio messages using a chat app (Signal, Threema) there is no such option and I’m left with this processing and the ugly artefacts in the recording. Is there an option I am missing or some workaround?

Hi Balearis,

As you’ve no doubt seen, I’ve been having the exact same issue. While the Open Camera solution for standard videos is useful, the level of the audio recorded is still quite quiet. I’ve been speaking to a member of the Fairphone team directly and they reassure me that they’re looking into the issue, so hopefully a fix/update will be issued in the coming months.



Why do you not trying to use another ROM?