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Hello, i wonder if it is possible to change the audio hardware module because i find the sound not very good. I used to listen to the music with an ipod, which sound is great.
I have a fairphone 3.
By the way can someone give me a link to the available upgrade hardware like camera? Camera is not very good, maybe i will change it.

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The topic of camera upgrade was discussed quite often in the forum.
Here´s one good thread Is it worth upgrading my FP3 camera to FP3+? and you can find more: just use the search function :wink:
There are also threads which compare photo qualities of those different camera modules (and also by changing the camera apps)

In a nutshell about your questions from my point of view:
You won´t turn your FP3 into an ipod about the speaker quality (but you will also never be able to make a call with you ipod)
Mostly the same goes for the camera upgrade. Don´t expect a very big change.
The reasons for this (hardware & software details) are already discussed here a lot, just take a dig in the search results :wink:



The internal hardware can’t be changed, it is part of the core module. But you can connect an external DAC to improve audio quality.

But how do you listen to music anyway, with the internal speakers? The same headphones you used with the iPod?

Are the sound files the same or have they been converted in any way to use them on the FP3?

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  • There is no audio module. The audio chips are part of the core module which is a part of the FP3+ you cannot buy such a part, whilst the speaker is the same in both. However the upgraded audio in the FP3+ is only a 2dB increase in output.

  • RE: Cameras
    Spare Parts | Fairphone

and search the forum for personal views of the upgrade or

Thanks !
I may buy a DAC.
For the camera, i’m not convinced it is worth changing.
I may by a camera with very good qualities.

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There is no alternative module with better sound.

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