Is it worth upgrading my FP3 camera to FP3+?

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Apologies for what must be an obvious question, but I can’t find any recent information on this. I am going on a trip in April and would like to get the best photos I can from my Fairphone 3. I would appreciate your thoughts on:
a) if it is worth upgrading the camera modules to the FP3+
b) if there are any apps worth investigating.

It would be really helpful to hear if people found a marked difference in the FP3 when they upgraded the camera module to an FP3+. I am not techy at all so thoughts on how easy it was would also be gratefully received.

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Hi and welocme to the forum.

There is no answer to that, it is very subjective. Did you not search the forum for such answers ~ it has been discused many times.


Thank you! I didn’t see those comparison shots, they are really helpful. I will have a good read.


Give GCam Port a try


The problem is not the hardware but the software thus the best way to improve the quality is to install gcam or openCamera.


By the way Alice, your profile says you have an FP3+

Just been informed that there is now no option to select the FP3 :blush:

There is only one setting option for both FP3 and FP3+. In my opinion, the plus in brackets could be dropped.

AH! Maybe that has changed since I did my profile, yes either both or drop the +

OK Alice you’re off the hook :slight_smile:

Thank you! I have loaded openCamera and will give that a try

Sorry for such a dumb question - but what is gcam? I have seen lots of mention of it but am not clear what it is.

Thank you!

Sorry for such a dumb question - but what is gcam? I have seen lots of mention of it but am not clear what it is.

gcam is a version of Google Camera App.
I use Nikita. There are numerous custom versions

For Android 10

It is worth noting that the 48MPs chip outputs 12MPx images max (Rear camera)

Its an App, but its not available on the Playstore. Its the Google Camera modified for usage on non Google Smartphones.

For some more pictures see here

Just my two cents:

  1. Yes, the camera upgrade from 3 to 3+ is worth it. But that’s a very subjective opinion.
  2. Some apps I highly recommand: ProCam X (a very powerful camera app alternative to the stock app), SKRWT to straighten inclined lines (e.g. for architectural shots when the phone is held at an angle) and Snapseed (the working horse for all kind of post-processing).
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I did that when I had an FP3 and the answer is no. You might want to give alternative camera apps like Open Camera a try, though.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to share this information!

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Thank you so much to everything for taking the time to help! I am going on a long hike so weight is critical - I will work with Open Camera and see how I go. All the best FF community!

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I currently have a Fairphone 3 but find the camera a bit limited. I am thinking of buying the spare part of a Fairphone 3+. Does anyone have any experience with Fairphone 3+ and 3 and can tell me if the change is worth it? I especially need the change to record videos on the inside camera.


The last FP3 software update, included many improvements to the camera software. Unfortunately, these improvements are available only for the 3+ cam module. I suppose that from here on, the difference between the two modules will be more pronounced than before.