✏ Apps that you can download/buy without app stores at all

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The purpose of this thread is to list apps and app developers, who don’t sell and distribute their products through any app store. There are some apps out there, which are very useful, but don’t get an adequate publicity because they don’t support the Google ecosystem. Since this post is wiki-ed, everyone can make their additions (as explained in this topic).


  • Softmaker (edit Microsoft Office and Libre/OpenOffice files on the go)



  • Airdroid, controlling an Android device from another one or a mac/PC, freeware but a more ambitious version (adfree, various extras like multiple devices on single account…) can be bought straight on the Airdoid site

  • Teamviewer similarly allows android control from another one / a mac / a pc, free for noncommercial use with full features, has a business version that can be bought directly on their site

  • TouchPal X keyboard app to replace stock Android keyboard. Supports swiping.

  • Ixquick (in NL developed) search engine with highest privacy standards, including proxy service for opening search result pages anonymously. https://ixquick.com/

  • Dualsim Ringtone : to assign different ringtones/message notifications per SIM.


  • Videoshow to edit videos directly on the mobile (download link currently not working)

  • VLC media player to play media files like videos and music stored on the device

Messaging and email

  • Signal, a free and open-source encrypted messaging system, can be downloaded for free on their website

  • Threema, an encrypted messaging system, can be bought straight on the Threema site

  • Whatsapp has the app free on their site

  • AquaMail has the free version on their website and a way of buying the pro-version without G-Apps


  • Nova Launcher can be downloaded for free from their site.
  • Nokia Z Launcher can be downloaded for free from their site. However, one has to sign up with their Google account.

Note: You can also download any App from F-Droid’s Website without the need to download the F-Droid Store itself and you can download most free/gratis apps on the play store via evozi. Many popular apps can also be found on Apkmirror