I can't install threema


as I have written I can’t install threema, which I want to use instead of WhatsApp. Is it possible to install it? How?

Greetings from Germany


You can install Threema through Google’s Play Store or purchase it directly from their website. It is probably way more comfortable to do it via the Play Store.

What exactly is your problem when you try to install it? : )

Hi Manuela,
I installed via Play Store and had no problems.

Greetings from Germany, too.


For convenience, here is the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ch.threema.app.

If you do not have the Play Store App, you need to install Google Apps: Open the “Fairphone Updater”, Tap: Advanced Mode -> App Store -> Google Apps.

I changed the category as the topic is not related to Fairphone Software, but to an app from a third party.

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threema isn’t avaiable without the google blobs?

@deedend it can be purchased and downloaded from www.threema.ch but you won’t receive automatic updates that way.

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Another point is, that Threema uses googles push service. This allows Threema to notify you quick if a new message arrives without draining the battery to much.

If you don’t want to install the Google Apps on your FP1 this service is already missing. Than you have to buy Threema directly on there page and you have to configure it to poll your messages (so it will check evens X minutes of a new message has arrived). This means you have to wait longer to become message notifications and it will cost more battery.

So installing the Google Apps (if you haven’t done already) is also a good idea for the daily use of Threema.

It is definitely the most used app on my Fairphone and works fine on it. So your problem should not be solvable, if you describe it a little more (and it wasn’t solved in one of the answers you received).



hmm you can use threema without GAPPS, just as you can with K9 Mail. Although then it’s not much of use as an Instant messenger, as it has to poll the server at a certain interval to receive new messages - different to TextSecure’s Websocket version - but still working…

Whatsapp can be downloaded from their website and I think their servers also push (I haven’t installed GCM and still get messages immediately).

I don’t know how threema works, but on my Jolla (without gapps) Telegram for android works in real time; so no need in that case of google service. I hope on my Fairphone 2 to use the instant messenger applications in right way without the “privacy slayers” google apps. :sweat_smile:

There are basicaly two approaches on getting new messages for mobile chat clients:
Polling (like getting Emails with K9 Mail) for new messages and their content
Push notification services (like GCM, WebSockets) for new messages and their content

Pro / Cons
1.1) Polling

  • Pretty Easy to set up (hard to fail)
  • High Privacy (not using google or any other propreatary services, so no metadata leak)
  • Works by itself. No need to install Google Apps.
  • Leaks battery as hell (depending on how often it polls the server)
  • Waiting times for new messages, as polling intervalls are normally set to certain intervals + “manual refresh”

2.1) GCM

  • Pretty stable and reliable
  • Lightweight & minimal battery usage
  • Your messages leak metadata to Google (if you send your messages unencrypted it’s also more easy to see their content
  • Google Apps need to be installed

2.2) Telegrams self designed notification service

  • Probably no leak of metadata to Google, (-) but then again you leak all the metadata now to a russian corporation with literally no idea what their server code looks like, which could be even worse
    ± Battery consumption is worse than with gcm
  • No need to install Google Apps
  • Many bugs reported (messages get lost or delayed)
  • Telegram is pretty sparse on information about this service

2.3) Websocket

  • Widespread, stable and reliable Protocol

  • Fully Open Source

  • You can switch to different notification servers (pretty handy if you are living somewhere where Internet is fully censored or under surveillance)

  • No need to install Google Apps
    ± Battery consumption is worse than with gcm

  • Threema
    1.1 or 2.1

  • Telegram
    2.1 or 2.2

  • Whatsapp
    I haven’t found any information there. As it often fails on my gf’s device when there are problems with the gcm service, I’d suggest it tries to use 2.1 first and if that’s not available on a device (as Whatsapp is using a sort of XMPP), it probably relies on a XMPP over HTTP protocol (see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BOSH) [but that’s more or less a wild guess]

  • TextSecure
    Basic version: Uses 2.1 for Message notifications and 2.3 for Message content
    WebSocket Branch Uses only 2.3

Information about metadata is only relevant for the service you are using. Internet surveillance programs can collect your data anyway. To make that harder you could use a p2p messenger (helmi looked promising once but development has been stopped) or a more decentralised approach (like XMPP). Safest way would be to use TOR or a VPN - in that case make sure, that you don’t leak any other data likely to identify you.

Hope that helps - Cheers,



Thanks for the thorough comparison. I might add though that even if GCM push messages by themselves may be nice to your battery, Google Mobile Services on which IIRC they depend are a huge battery drain.


K9 supports IMAP push (and uses it by default).