Apps and System UI crashing, weird noisy pixels, 4g not available in rural areas

I’ve been having some weird problems with my FP2. I’m not that tech savvy, so I have no idea if these are related or not and what to do about them. (Also, I’m probably not using the correct terms, so sorry about that!)

  1. My apps crash quite often. With games etc that is to be expected and I don’t really care, but lately it’s mostly my phone app. When I’m talking on the phone, the phone doesn’t respond (I can still continue the call, but the screen doesn’t work). Sometimes the phone catches up and asks me if I want to force the app to close, sometimes I just have to take the battery out. A few times the screen has frozen when I’ve received a call, so that the phone keeps ringing, but I can’t accept or deny the call or restart the phone. I have to just take the battery out and call them back.
    A similar thing happens often when I’m recording a voice message on WhatsApp, the screen just freezes and I have to take out the battery.
    Also the camera crashes almost every time I use it, but that doesn’t bother me as much, since it’s not really a necessity. (Still, if someone can solve that, it would be pretty great.)
    The system UI (or something similar, not a 100% sure since usually the message doesn’t show on the screen for a long time) crashes also quite a bit, but with that I usually just have to wait a few moments and it will be ok.

  2. Whenever I use my phone for a while, the screen gets all weird and pixely. It’s nothing similar to the other noisy screens I’ve seen on here, I can still use my phone fine and it most definitely isn’t a hardware problem.
    A few example screenshots. This is how it usually looks:

    But, when I do something on the screen, the noise sometimes goes away from the “object” I touched (not always though):

    It’s also “fixed in place” in the app, so when I pull down the menu bar or show all running apps, it stays in place in regards to the app view:

    This doesn’t seem to be specific to apps, it happens pretty much everywhere. It always happens with WhatsApp though, when I’m recording a voice message, so I’m thinking it has something to do with the phone being used more “heavily”?

  3. When I’m in rural areas of Finland, the phone can’t connect to 4g (or 3g or anything). Sometimes it just says H+ and still allows me to use mobile data a bit, but sometimes all connection is lost, even the normal calling/texting network (sorry, don’t know what that is in English). In cities it works completely fine though. It’s not a problem with my operator since people with the same operator get connection just fine. My sim also works normally on other phones in those areas. I’m thinking that maybe it just takes my phone a lot of effort to connect to mobile data or the regular network, so it can’t do much else, hence the app problems? The problems still happen when mobile data is turned off, though, so idk.

  4. My battery drains quite quickly. This might be just me using my phone too much or my battery being old, but I think it might be connected if my phone is constantly working too hard to keep the apps running etc.

Some other important info:

  • I’m running Android 7.1.2
  • I’ve been using my phone since October 2017, haven’t changed my battery (or other parts) since then.
  • I did a factory reset like a week ago, at first it seemed to work but within a day things started acting up again.
  • I’ve tried deleting all apps I don’t need and that usually cause problems (like Instagram and Facebook), that hasn’t helped.
  • There’s plenty of space for my phone to work in, I’ve only used up 11.47/29GB.
  • The memory seems a bit more worrying though, average memory use is 1.2/1.8GB even though I don’t do a lot of “heavy-duty” things on my phone. (I have no idea what amount of memory use is normal though, so I might be totally wrong)

Sorry for the info dump! I’d be super grateful for any thoughts and advice, since I haven’t been able to find any help just googling and reading the forums (might be because I just don’t know the correct terminology to search for). I just really, really don’t want to switch phones. I’m ready to sacrifice a lot of my usual apps etc to keep my fairphone, but I kinda need to be able to use the phone app on my phone :sweat_smile:

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Instead of taking out the battery you can long (>15 second) press the power button and it’ll reboot - even when it seems to be completely frozen.

It sounds more to be related to Whatsapp than to “being used heavily”…

Did you restore your apps “from scratch” (complete reinstallation) after your factory reset - or did you restore a backup then?.

You may have a look at this topic which says it’s related to “night light”:

And in that topic it is also mentioned that this is an unfortunately still unresolved known bug.


Thanks for the advice! I hadn’t realized that it takes such a long press to reboot, that helps a lot.

I’m not exactly sure. I had to reinstall all my apps but my phone automatically recommended all the apps I previously had and installed all of them with just one click so it might have been a backup? I didn’t think that could be a problem since I did reinstall everything. I’ll try the factory reset again when I’m able to, without doing the automatic reinstalling.

Wow, thanks! I had seen the thread but apparently gave up reading it before finding the parts that actually talk about my problem :sweat_smile: I haven’t been using the phone’s own night light, but I do have the Twilight app which basically does the same thing. I’ll delete it and see if that does anything!


If it restored something from a (e.g. Google) backup then it’s possible that the configuration/data leading to the problems have also been restored. So a factory reset and not restoring from a backup might help.