Broken screen or broken phone?

My phone fell one time too much. This is what it looks like now when I try to turn it on.
My question is: what stopped working? The phone or the screen?
The phone looks intact, but it does not show anything more than these vertical lines.
I can start the phone, I see some blue light (like when FP logo appears), but then I am unable to understand if the system starts and if I can put my PIN code in. I tried tapping where numbers should be in order to put the PIN code, but I have no haptic feedback.
I tried to connect the phone to the PC but it does not seem to be recognized (but I am not sure it is normally recognized before inputing PIN code).
Should I buy a new screen or a new phone?

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I’d try to #disassemble the phone and clean the contacts between the modules first. I am not hopeful that it will fix everything, but it could improve things.
Then I’d see if there are #fairphoneangels near you. If you can meet them they could test a different screen on your phone and see if everything else is working - or test your screen on another phone to see if it’s not a screen issue at all.


Unfortunately I do not think there is any FP angel near me since I’m in Rome. I’ll try cleaning contacts.

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You could also try posting in this long Italian topic to see if anyone is willing to meet you to do some testing.


thanks for the input, I just did it

BTW I am struggling to disassemble the screen, it does not separate from the core module. Any tip? PS Yes, I already tried to follow these instructions but it seems to be stuck.

The ones hidden behind the If the screen won't come off easily click here to see a trick with pictures by @Spielmops - spioler in the #disassemble guide?


This was very helpful, thank you! It should be included among the official troubleshooting suggestions!

Now I disassembled the phone and cleaned the contacts, but no improvements. So lets say that the screen really seems to be gone, how can I tell if the phone is working?

Please connect the phone to a computer, by cable. Check for green light if it is charging and if you can see the internal drive of FP2 in computer file explorer and browse its files.

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I have the green light on and the computer recognizes that the phone is connected. I cannot see the content of the phone but I have always had to change the USB connection setting from “USB recharge” to “file navigation” before been able to access folders so I think the phone is actually working.
So yesterday evening when I realized this, I finally decided to buy a new screen and I ordered it on the website. I chose the 1 day DHL-delivery and it supposedly should arrive within today, but I have no news about tracking number and the status of the order is currently “Rhenus prepare shipment”, so a delivery today sounds a bit optimistic.
What are your experiences? Could I be lucky and get it today or maybe tomorrow? BTW Why do they call it 1-day shipping?

Thank you for your support so far.

From the shop:

After payment is confirmed, spare parts orders are processed within 1 business day. Once your order is shipped, delivery time depends on your chosen delivery method

One day shipping refers to the delivery time after the order leaves the warehouse. If your payment method was using an instant method (bank transfers can take longer), you should expect your order to ship before the end of today, and arrive before the end of tomorrow.


Thanks for pointing me to the explanation. I paid via debit card, so I am hopeful for tomorrow.

On my Nokia Booklet with Win 7 Starter the auto play menu is launched when the phone is connected (Android 6). It should work even with display removed.

Video or doesn’t happen :wink: .
Since Android 6 the phone’s expected behaviour is … you have to set the USB connection mode from charging to file transfer every time you connect the phone, else there will be no files.

What you can do without the display, however, is connecting the phone to USB, then boot TWRP (even without installing it, if it isn’t installed), and then TWRP will offer Internal Storage and SD card (if there is one) via USB in MTP mode without further interaction (Edit: With an encrypted data partition you need a USB OTG adapter and a USB keyboard to enter the decryption password blindly).

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You can try to use a multimeter or a USB amp meter to messure the current while charging

You can also try to pop off a little shield, right where to pads on the display are. Underneath is a conector that conect the display with what I believe are touch ICs and backlite ICs

If all of this doesn’t help you can try to look for broken solder balls under the SoC, but if you seen one that looks broken , you can probably don’t fix it yourself, because you need a hot air rework station and some advanced soldering skills

Today I received the new screen and… it works!!! I’m so relieved!!!
I am so happy to have a fairphone and been able to fix it myself!!


Maybe you can sell your broken screen at the forum, because if the glass is still ok, it could be used to fix a screen with broken glass.


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