App does not see battery/firmware status of Fairbuds [Android]

I just paired a pair of Fairbuds both with an FP3+ running /e/OS and an FP4 running Fairphone OS (latest system version each). While the Fairbuds app version on both devices seems to be the latest, the Fairbuds app apparently cannot get the charging level nor the firmware version of the Fairbuds:

Now charging level isn’t that important (it’s shown as 100% in the device bluetooth settings). However, given the Fairbuds only just got out of the sealed box, I do not believe that this pair is on the latest firmware version. I also think the current firmware version should show. The information about both is missing both on the /e/OS FP3 as well as the Fairphone OS FP4.

Any idea how to make the app retrieve the information? Or do I need to wait a long time until this gets shown in the app?