Any way to speed up Fairphone's distribution plans outside of Europe?

Maybe some crowdfunding campaign or something like that.

Current android offerings are just garbage with OS updates lasting no longer than 3 years max on ultra premium phones, which are also not friendly to repair outside of warranty. And Apple’s are just completely unfriendly for repair if something fails outside of warranty. I found some alternatives, but they’re using trash budget processors to the point the phone is almost unusable and unreliable.

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If you could bring your country to associate with the EU through a series of bilateral treaties in which your country adopts various provisions of European Union law in order to participate in the Union’s single market without joining as a member state (*) quicker than Fairphone can sort out “complicated logistics, local legal requirements, high costs and different VAT regulations” to do viable long-term distribution outside of the EU/EFTA comfort zone … this should speed things up.

You said “any” way :wink: .

That being said, there are already brave souls out there pioneering Fairphone use outside of Fairphone markets, which of course faces its challenges considering the lack of direct official support.
But at least there should be a way to get a Fairphone if you are certain that you can use it with your networks and if you really want to have one.

Here are some inspirational topics … Fairphone owners in the USA ( FP2 FP3 FP4 )🏒 Canadian Fairphoners! 🇨🇦Fairphones in Australia 🇦🇺

Also note the hints from Fairphone on how to tackle this at, section “No shipping outside of continental Europe”.

* Shamelessly ripped from Switzerland–European Union relations - Wikipedia

Does that include Teracube, for example?


(Unrealistic, but anyway:) For quite a while I have come to think it would need a whole new, economically independent, separate sister entity in (North) America to bring this into reach. Say “Fairphone America”. An entity whose initial losses Fairphone doesn’t need to share. Fairphone America might go for a licence by Fairphone (the existing company) to be allowed to adopt and adapt (high additional costs!) the (then) existing Fairphone for the North American market, its standards and certifications. Crowdfunding could play a role in starting such an entity.

Having said that, I still think Fairphone (existing) would likely not want to take any risks outside the European market right now, including even any risks of being held (even just morally) liable for any maldevelopments of such a loosely linked North American entity.

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Yeah, the Teracube’s performance is abysmal. It’s not really usable if it lags, taps don’t register, and apps keep crashing. They probably could’ve upgraded to a Snapdragon 400 series for +$100 more or something, and would’ve been insanely better. I mean, a Moto G play with a Snapdragon retails for $100 less than the Teracube; doubling the price is more than enough margin.

Oh well, looks like it’s gonna be back to the used iPhone market for the time being.

Yeah, all these laws turns into quite a headache. Wonder if they could just bypass that by selling a disassembled phone and you just put it together yourself; then it’s only considered parts rather than a complete device (less regulations?) and gives the user experience in how to fix it.