Maybe fairphone can partner with one of the non big 3 carriers

For instance in northern Ontario there is eastlink and with the recent passage of the new mvno law. I believe eastlink might be in an area to compete with the big 3 inside Canada.

If fairphone reached out to them being a localy owned(northern Ontario company by localy owned i mean) it might be a chance to break into the Canada market.

Does anyone else think that is doable?

Hi and welcome.
I guess that the carrier is not the obstacle to enter the north american market.

I guess its easier to ask the carrier to support the FP4.

Maybe you want to get in touch with the Canadian group

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What candian group? I’m new to the fairphone forum.

I did reach out to eastlink. My gut tells me there the type of company that would be interested in bringing fairphone to Canada.

I added the Link to the Canadian group here in the forum above, just click on it😉


I replied there. Eastlink might work with fairphone to bring it to Canada tbh. The company will need to do something to compete with the big 3 and they did reply to me and mention fairphone in an email from Matt(he’s just below the CEO of eastlink) anyway look forward to meeting more fairphone fans


How much say does a carrier have in bringing a phone into Canada?
I was in contact with both Fairphone in Holland and Shiftphone in Germany. Both mentioned similar reason, that being they require certification from what ever authority that governs the Telecommunication branch. they both also mentioned the bands that their phone covered may not be usable there.
I can not comment on the Shiftphone, however the Fairphone 3 has better reception in my part of the Great White North with both Telus and Eastlink than my Blackberry Key 2 does.

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