Maybe fairphone can partner with one of the non big 3 carriers

For instance in northern Ontario there is eastlink and with the recent passage of the new mvno law. I believe eastlink might be in an area to compete with the big 3 inside Canada.

If fairphone reached out to them being a localy owned(northern Ontario company by localy owned i mean) it might be a chance to break into the Canada market.

Does anyone else think that is doable?

Hi and welcome.
I guess that the carrier is not the obstacle to enter the north american market.

I guess its easier to ask the carrier to support the FP4.

Maybe you want to get in touch with the Canadian group

Edit: some discussion here


What candian group? I’m new to the fairphone forum.

I did reach out to eastlink. My gut tells me there the type of company that would be interested in bringing fairphone to Canada.

I added the Link to the Canadian group here in the forum above, just click on it😉


I replied there. Eastlink might work with fairphone to bring it to Canada tbh. The company will need to do something to compete with the big 3 and they did reply to me and mention fairphone in an email from Matt(he’s just below the CEO of eastlink) anyway look forward to meeting more fairphone fans