Reddit user says he got Android 12 on FP4

Hello everybody,

I saw a post on Reddit yesterday which surprised me a bit. I’ll put the link just below :

What do you think about it ?


I also have it. But I’m on /e/ OS.

Interesting :open_mouth:

That user seems to be in Taiwan, maybe they are testing the release there early since the dev team is in the same region? :thinking:


If you want to bring aftermarket systems into this, both CalyxOS and my DivestOS offer 13 to the FP4.
I also offer 12 to the FP3 and 11 to the FP2.

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Well that user may also simply be under an other custom rom but did not mention it. But you may also be right. Is FP4 available in Asia by the way ?

Yes, it is:


The user said it was an unexpected update that is not available now as it is being worked on, as mentioned by following the above link

Last week I saw a security update, but there were also information about Android 12 in the description, so I just assumed it has been rolled out. I updated and everything works just fine.

A week later I saw this post from Fairphone team saying that update has been postponed, so I guess I’m just lucky(?).

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Yeah, I thought about a fake at first, but the build number looks like what Fairphone are using, so it’s probably legit.

Sure, you could modify that string, but honestly why bother, my FP4 has been on A13 for a while, I don’t think faking it would generate much attention, it’s not exactly news that the FP4 is capable of running A12 :man_shrugging:

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Thanks for your feedback

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