Annoying NFC Icon in SysTray

Hey. Just got my FP5 (having upgraded from by mostly-useless-since-last-update FP3). Its only a minor annoyance, but has anyone worked out how to remove the NFC icon from the System Tray, top right.

It has no purpose for me. NFC is always on. Never had that icon in any other NFC enabled phone before.

Fixes I have found online for other phones fall into 2 camps:

Turn off NFC (Unacceptable)
Activate System UI Tuner and disable the icon only from there - I can’t seem to get this functionality from the instructions posted (basically swipe down from sys tray, hold down gear icon until it rotates off page). Anyone else had any joy?


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Do you mean the icon in the right upper corner of the screen?

Swipe down twice.
In the screen you see now the icon of NFC is on.
Tap on the icon and the colour will change.

By tapping on the pencil you can change the sequence of the icons by holding and dragging them to another place.

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I mean the icon next to WiFi and cellular signal strength. The instructions you’ve sent don’t fix this I don’t think.

So you want NFC on and still no icon in the status bar ,or switch off NFC (which would remove the icon)?

So even with this app I dont see a way to remove the icon as long as NFC is enabled

in general, SystemUI Tuner can be enabled using any app for launching or create shortcut for specific activity, ex. “Activity Launcher” (F-Droid / Play) or native in Nova Launcher (place Widget, NovaLauncher/Activity… is in SystemUI app, activity “System UI demo mode”

anyway setting NFC icon is not available here :wink:

I agree that the NFC icon and (more important for me) the VOLTE icon are really unnecessary and a waste of space, and it would be good to get rid of them. But hey, minor complaint.

Hi, OK thanks guys. So at least I know system UI tuner can’t fix it.

But yes - to clarify, I want NFC functionality on, but not to have the icon in top right. As it was in every android phone I have had for 10+ years.

My FP3 running Android 13 doesnt have it. But the FP5 running 13 does. So it has to be something FP have activated on this particular build. If it could be deactivated, that’d be just grrrreat. :slight_smile:

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Best is to contact support and open a feature request, naming the FP3 running FPOS Android 13 as an example…

I dont use NFC and I dont have a VoLTE icon although switched on :upside_down_face:

Hi there, recently got my own Fairphone 5 and also found the NFC icon annoying.

While the UI tuner linked earlier wasn’t able to remove it, I found this one was able to do so:

It does require a bit of adb tweaking, so presumably this isn’t supported by Fairphone and may stop working in a future update, but I figured I’d share my findings here for the people stumbling upon this thread from searches.