Android system update won't finish

Hi there,
First off, apologies that I don’t really have the terminology down - I’m quite old and quite new to having a decent mobile phone.

I got a notification today suggesting I update Android, I guess to 13, started the process, but it never finished. Now nothing works. It just says “Finishing system update”.

It will occasionally say the micro sd is not inserted properly or is corrupted and must be formatted, but last time I did that it stopped those notifications.

Is there a way of reverting to the previous OS, or solving the issue? I can’t find a way of doing it on the phone, because the OS doesn’t work.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Hi and welcome

  • It can take 20 min “Finishing System Update”

  • If you have an SD card ensure it is formatted as Portable

  • Ensure the battery is 80% or plug in to main whilst it update

Does the Union Jack mean you are in the UK, as depending upon location you may find a fairphoneangels near you that can provide assistance.

You cannot easily revert to A12

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Thank you very much - and apologies for my ignorance. I think a low battery may have been the problem. Will give it some juice.

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Don’t worry about the terminology, though it’s important to report error messages, settings and so on accurately.

When you say “nothing works”, have you tried turning the phone off ? If the on/off button doesn’t work, you can remove the battery (you should not do this when the phone is on, as a rule, and impossible of course in most modern phones), wait ten minutes and then put it back in.

If the update was unsuccessful, then when you turn it on again, the phone should use the previous version without your having to do anything. However it may also manage to restart with the updated version. The worst case is if it “thinks” the update was successful when in fact it wasn’t.

On the subject of SD cards, if you have one, make sure you understand about how it can be formatted as “internal” (i.e. used by the phone to supplement internal memory for storing apps, app data and so on) or “portable” (in which case it’s used as though it were an external drive, much like a USB stick). You should choose the latter (portable). Read more here and here.

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