Android 7 Nougat has made my FP2 extremely slow - how do I downgrade back to Marshmallow?

How so? Keep Volume - pressed while starting or rebooting the phone until the Fairphone logo is shown, that will be the bootloader (aka Fastboot mode) then.

That could be something to try, too …

no chance to reach the settings…seems to be in the save mode in the meantime, but no other error messages than the ones above described

Volume - and power or Volume + and power always end up in the "Fairphone logo with running dots, nothing happens except running out of charge

I give it up for today - hopefully it charges again to retry tomorrow evening, impossible to power off at the moment

Booting into recovery mode (Volume +) can fail, if the recovery is broken. Rare, but can happen.

But I don’t know how booting into bootloader can fail apart from trouble with the buttons.
Please make sure to press Volume - even before a reboot or before you start the phone, and keep it pressed until the Fairphone logo shows up.
If that doesn’t help, take off the case from the phone and try again without it.

I tried the same thing a couple of times.
I’m trying to downgrade to Android 6, cause all 3 games i play are not working at all.
I pushed the volume button down and turned the phone on.
The FP logo and ‘‘powered by android’’ appeared.
Connected my phone on my PC, run the flash-for-windows.bat file and it stated: Checksums do not match, try to download the manual update again.
Which i did 2 times, still getting the same messege.

Can you post a screenshot or post the lines which are given before the checksum message?
Here’s why I ask, the checksum error message at the end of the process could be misleading.

Hi AnotherElk,
my flash-for-windows went trough without error message (just tried again), then a restart is necessary…now the reboot again loops at “Fairphone - Change is in your hands” with running dots…

The first reboot can take quite some time … how many minutes are we talking about?

currently about 20 Minutes …

shall I still leave the device connected to the PC?

No, that shouldn’t be necessary. When the flashing script ends and wants to reboot, the process continues entirely on the phone.

Ok, that’s too long.
Disconnect the phone from computer/charger/anything.
Turn off the phone (press the power button for approx. 15 seconds, if the phone just reboots, remove the battery to turn it off).
Wait a few seconds, then turn it on again.
See whether booting works then …

What’s the filename of the ZIP file you downloaded for that?

Still no luck? Then on to Plan B …

  • Boot the phone into bootloader
  • Install from here the same way as you did before.
  • See if it boots. It’s Fairphone Open OS, but that doesn’t matter for now.
  • Boot the phone into bootloader
  • Install from the same page the same way. That should switch the installation from Fairphone Open OS to Fairphone OS.
  • See if it boots.
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…it’s proven, I have the slowest FP2 ever…
Just when I was about to turn off the phone (after 60 Minutes!!!) the booting was complete…
I’ll keep you posted, battery is down now and I have to charge first, before I can check further.
The only thing I already realized was, that I still have the same error messages

  • “android.process.acore” was stopped
  • “android” was stopped

regarding the ZIP file, it was the link you provided above:

If you can reach settings, try Settings > Apps > Show system (in dots menu) > Media Storage > Storage > Clear Data. This will reset Android’s media database (but it shouldn’t delete your data - though re-building the database takes time, during which not all files may be visible).
If you have a backup of your contacts, do the same for the app ‘Contacts Storage’. If you use google apps, the contacts may be available in your google account (from which they can also be backed up).

…managed to reach the settings between the error messages always popping up…
Set back to factory settings worked - wiped phone but no error messages any more…
Build-number is “FP2-gms-18.04.1 release-keys”

I’m not sure, but I’m not brave enough to try update to Android 7 again …

Thanks a lot AnotherElk for your support, you made my day :clap::clap::clap:

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I’m pretty sure such major changes of OS versions (regardless of the OS or the device) are offered via the respective update procedure with the vendors’ fingers crossed. There’s just so much that can go wrong and which nobody foresees despite testing.

The most problem-avoiding way to get from one major OS version to the next is to backup all data, wipe everything, install the device from scratch with the new OS version and restore the data backup. It takes time and effort, but it removes the update procedure as a possible source for failure.

My phone is really slow as well since the update… But reading all above doesn’t give much hope…
When I try to have only a few apps opened, it is workable. So i kill apps all day long.
Reinstalling manually will wipe everything, isn’t it?

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I own FP 2 for about 3 years now and currently just want to throw it out the window. I waste my time waiting for the phone to react. Apps are crashing constantly, with the message that it is the apps fault. I dont think so, if WHATSAPP would crash or become unresponsive the moment youre using it, it wouldnt have made it to its current fame. Once in awhile i get SYSTEM UI NOT RESPONDING. I think thats more true to reality. Sometimes i am forced to just stare at a black screen.
I am running FP OS 19.05.3 on ANDROID 7.1.2. I’d love to get advise on what i can do to get a usable phone back.
I have thought of following options

  • factory reset?
  • install lineage OS or other OS thats more lightweight?
  • switch and buy a SHIFT phone instead?

On another topic the loudspeaker does not work for certain phonecalls. There is a bug open for this for over a year. I mean this is a basic function of a phone. Taking photos is always a huge disappointment if you compare colour and sharpness with iphone pics.

Right now id really appreciate if FP step up their game and deliver better software. Right now i see the promise of a durable phone shattered into pieces.

Some days after Nougat upgrade I reinstalled Marshmallow from scratch. Next thing was rooting my phone and removing Fairphone Updater.

Never touch …