Android 12 for FP4?

This is really not a fair way to evaluate these issues. The people that have issues, not just with the microphones are many. And anyone who uses their phone encounters them. It’s not that some people are lucky. Some people don’t use their phone to do video calls, regular calls (loudspeaker) apparently. Or use their phone in the evening, because then they must be fighting the automatic brightness every day as well because the phone doesn’t go all the way to 0%, while 0% is already very bright. There are so many issues with this phone that are unsolved for over a year. And some people evaluate this phone like you and make it sound its all okay. Fan boying/girling a product is not healthy. Being too negative isn’t healthy either of course. But these issues are reproducible, by many. FP support is still struggling, that’s not because they get too much fan mail. They get too many complaints!


Your experience is not what say users of Pixel 6 (article in French : Google Pixel 6 : les bugs à foison poussent les utilisateurs à passer chez la concurrence).
It says one third of the Pixel 6 buyers don’t want anymore a Pixel phone because of the bugs.

I remember our discussion about you buying the FP4. I had told you you would be disappointed by the software and you should avoid it at that time…


I never had a Pixel 6, that phone is indeed plagued with more issues, also because it’s the first chipset developed by Google. I did have the pleasure of using the Pixel 6a for a while, couldn’t find anything wrong with it, except for the fingerprint sensor. Friends that are not tech savvy can point out the flaws of my FP4 in minutes as well. I remember these discussions with you, but that was when I returned my first FP4 due to persisting issues and asked if those issues were solved. That was not in my initial questionnaire about the phone. Back then the phone could shoot rainbows and was flawless, as some still insist it is.

Now don’t get me wrong. I can get rid of this phone any minute. The reason I underscore these issues is because for some reason people want to make this phone sound better than it is. I really don’t like seeing that. Let’s just describe the phone as it is, not as you want it to be, or why you feel good about it. For now I’ll still put up with the flaws because I do see the value in the mission of FP. But as time progresses and bugs don’t get resolved, it does wear down on me.

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Anyone know if there are plans for TWRP to be supported on FP4?

Love that recovery.

My employer told me that they only support Android 12. If Fairphone won’t upgrade soon, I will have to dump it, and switch to a brand that manages to provide updates within one year…

Or consider other OS?


Those don’t have secure boot, right? I don’t have the update issue yet with my work. But for sure I would have issues when my phone doesn’t have a locked bootloader.

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/e/OS supports secure boot, see e.g. here:


I may try it one day, when it’s possible to go back to the native FP version without bricking it. That seems like an issue. I expect the next hurdle with a custom ROM will be the apps. I suppose they need Play Security enabled as well. Since this is my only phone and use it for work, I don’t really feel like messing around.

IodéOS supports bootloader re-locking and safetynet (ih8sn)
And it is A12
Got all apps running, that making problems on other custom ROMs


Pokemon Go? This is my fav app

it’s not one of my apps. don’t know it or what it is

But does that support Google Play Protect? That’s something that’s enabled in my work profile.

what is google play protect?

None of the custom ROMs ship with Google Play Services (which that’s part of) and it’s unlikely that works with microG.

So the answer is probably: no

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It’s not bad either, everything can be done without… my experience

But in this case it’s probably not relevant that everything works without it, if the company has a policy that requires its use you’ll need to have it.


in that case, yes. agree
But then, a custom ROM like iodè, calyx, /e/, etc is not the best choice.
Better to choose one with GAPPS

(in iodé it is possible to choose to use it without microG and install GAPPS afterwards. Not tested, but should be possible. if it makes sense, or not)

There is effectivly no other choice than stock FPOS if one needs fully supported real Play Services, nobody ships GApps by default and flashing it afterwards will not let you lock the bootloader (and is a method always prone to failure).