Android 11 has arrived! When will we see it on our 3's and 3+'s!

Tech comes at you fast!


Is this meant seriously? They just released Android 10 … :roll_eyes:


I’m very happy with the Android 10 update for the time being. It removed lots of the comprimises that were made by having a Android 9 system compared to a more top-notch phone. However I hope the Android 11 update will come in a year or so - Fairphone haven’t been the quickest of the suppliers out there in updating the phones. However it would mean one less downside when potential buyers are looking at buying the phone and maybe comparing it with others. Can’t see there being much of an environmental impact of upgrading the system either! :slight_smile:

So, how many phones are out there, that feature Android 11 yet?
And how many of them are midrange phones?

Yes, it would be great, if Fairphone could make this udate. And it would go well with the target of keeping the phone longer.
But - as far my knowledge goes - they would most likely be the only manufacturer bringing that update to a midrange phone from 2019. So I would not be too disappointed should that update not be possible or take 2 years to come.


You are forgetting the Android One phone. Last example of a low midrange phone upgraded is the Nokia 2.1 that received Android 10 Go. Of course, this is the exception bit should we always compare to worse?

I would prefer no Android 11 and a long follow-up during the life of the FP3 as the FP2 has. As long as my apps work, the last version is not so important (except for tech enthusiasts).


Indeed a good question.

Let’s have a look at the facts …

Android 10 was released on 2019-09-03 and is available since 2020-09-07 (was a Monday) for the FP3.

We may assume …

Android 11 was released on 2020-09-08 and may be available on 2021-09-13 (it’s a Monday) for the FP3.

Now given the bad (inexistant) communication about Android updates / upgrades on the part of Fairphone …

… and possible COVID-19 mutation / appearance of new COVID-21 exuse for the delay (not communicated either) we may expect a divergence of +/- 6 months on the forecast.

I didn’t had the reboot problem as others have but since the Android 10 upgrade it already rebooted 4 times without any reason :clap:


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Lets not stop here with a mere Android10 release the very same day Android11 appears. Do not lean back and rest, but continue the speedy and quick upgrade to Android11. Please do NOT wait another year once again until maybe an Android12 eventually appears. If the hardware is Android11 capable, the SOC, CPU/GPU, components etc then please do so. And do it now. Sustainability and lasting can be proven to us, the user-base right now, and not a year later. It ought to be clear and known right now of the current FP3 comonents are Android11 compatible or not, if they are supported by the upstream manufacturers and the platform provider (google and related) and lasting.

Speedy and immediate security updates are not an optional insignificant appendage or to be belittled and the user-base should not be merely put-off and these kind of technical things postponed a year or similar time frames.

After all, Fairphone company is selling a technical product. And longevity also comes from trust in the product. Trust is generated by most secure and current software and technology. This is a software running product after all.
I have always wondered why apparently even Fairphone as a company seemingly doesnt value this forum and where we as a user-base gather, and output, exchange and relay all this tremendous information, broad knowledge and experience and feedback to the actual product that the company is putting out to the market.

This would seem as an invaluable resource to me if I had a say in this, if I was a stakeholder or if it was “my” company etc.

And we as a user-base should demand for the mother company, Fairphone itself, to listen, to visit and to hold dear this forum and our input and exchange of experience here. After all, this place is maintained and directly linked, introduced and run by Fairphone as a company. This reads and not just anything else.

We as a user-base should not accept this harsh and unfriendly behavior from companies who did not yet understand the vast and deep input and direct experience with the very product the company produces.

I have too often experienced being shooed around between half-baked websites and tools, between contact means and support persons and incomplete and non-exhaustive support resources just for some company to make an excuse that its user is misbehaving in some way of not engaging properly in the companies way to handle things.

Instead Faiprhone should very much frequent, visit, listen and take into very careful consideration this whole forum and its fruitful discussions.

Thanks for truly listening.


You are aware, that this is a user-forum and Fairphone or rather its employees only drop in occasionally. So, to reach them directly, use the Fairphone contact page:

(Most likely Support).


@abittner I agree to this to 100% :+1:t2:

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Yes he is aware of this, if you would have read his post.

Fairphone doesn’t take into consideration the value of the customer feedback (on this “community” forum), this is what this discussion is all about and not about getting support via a contact form (in 2020) like for a private website :see_no_evil:


they better drop in and they better make use of all of our contributions here. thats what i am talking about. we as a user-base need to finally make us getting heard and understood that we are not to being pushed and shoved around.

hey you are doing it all wrong, please line up over there instead of here. you forgot to say the magic word, you forgot to say pretty please, you are not walking the extra mile just to feed our tool x with yet the same information over again which has been seen lengthy and plenty and extensive discsussion on the forum thread etc.

i am really fed up with this behavior of the companies. this is a fine and well estblished and discussion and technical resource here we have built up and filled ourselves as the users.

Fairphone company should make extensive use of it and not just excuse themselves that this is not their primary bugreporting tool.

this should be the very source and the immediate place for them being able to observe direct feedback on both, their software and hardware releases, the acceptance, the problems, the trouble and the beauty thereof etc.

they better read this place. and make this worthwhile.


I read his post and he - in fact - makes this point quite frequently and already in the beginning.
Still if he wants any action from Fairphone, as he over and over claims, he should adress it at the right people.
And my remark was especially in reference to

What does it help, if all the users in this thread including me truly listen?
We can discuss over and over again, what Fairphone should do with regard to this forum and this community (which is only a fraction of all the Fairphone owners and users); and - don’t get me wrong - I really consider this an interesting and truly worthy topic.
But when it comes to action/conseqeuences, it is only a bit more than discussing it with my friends offline. For Fairphone to take action or even to consider taking action, it has to be heard/read by the right people; and a community forum simply is not the place to achieve this.

As an afterthought:

That’s something, I really don’t get.
How can a user-base have a “mother company”. The forum itself is not even a company and it is not done by the company. All the help, support, information and moderation is done by volunteers, that are not connected to the company other than that they like the product and share the principles (more or less).
In my humble opinion, this concept gives a false impression.


It obviously lacks a “real” concept for the forum, but anyway the forum is hosted on a sub-domain of “” and therefore the expectations are understandable.

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This is what what @Stefan told me when I did the same proposal of Fairphone being officially more active on the Forum. It is not just as simple as saying “Fairphone should be more active on this forum”.
Me as well I would like Fairphone to have a greater presence on this forum, but I would like it to stay the community forum. I don’t think it’s that easy to do a compromise between the two, and @formerFP.Com.Manager already does a good job for what she is allowed to say and what she can do IMHO.
This would greatly change the way this Forum is done, the way it works, the way people discuss. It wouldn’t be a forum for community discussions as it is now, or not as much. In people minds, it may become a forum to reach Fairphone and tell them what they should do in their opinion.
Moreover, you can’t replace Fairphone official support. They can’t do everything through the forum IMO, and I think the fact of having two official entities would just create a big mess for a lot of people.

Then, about android 11: I understand why it would be interesting, I understand it could bring more people to Fairphone, but they can’t do everything. I don’t know if they have the ressource of upgrading to android 11, while keeping people working on FPOS’s bugs because they don’t want people to abandon their Fairphone, then also releasing new modules, and continue maintaining the FP2 at the same time.
Android 11 would be a good thing, and it would make people happy having the latest features, but I don’t think it’s an absolute priority for them. Android 10 was already a big step.

Disclaimer: I am not criticizing anyone’s opinion, although it could seem so, only expressing my point of view and why I disagree on certain points. There was no sarcasm meant in this message.

Edit: Typo


“We may assume…” - what is this, astrology? These things take labour and time, they don’t come about magically because the Moon is in the second house or something.

Well spoken. The chorus crying out for constant updates and new modules and new Fairphone models and smart watches seem to either forget the “fair” bit in “Fairphone” or massively underestimate the amount of work this kind of stuff entails.

It was a matter of two months after the FP3 came out that I encountered the first commenter asking if they should get the FP3 or wait for the FP4 (which must surely be on its way soon!), and it took less time still before people started demanding upgraded modules. Now here is Android 11, it’s been out for three days and in come the screeds about Fairphone ignoring its customers because they didn’t instantly announce if and when an update to the new version is coming.

FP are maintaining updates and repairs for tens of thousands of FP2s that they started selling in 2015, many more FP3s (all of which are still within warranty), and in the meantime managed to produce an upgraded version of a phone they started selling less than a year ago. For the life of me I don’t know what more people want, other than for FP to instantly, magically manifest a perfectly functional version of an OS that was released three days ago.


And - imho - one should keep in mind, that Fairphone has to manage a lot oft social media channels already. Doing this forum as well would be quite a task for a small company.

And one has to consider the legal aspects. Would this be an official FP channel, they would be legally responsible and therefore might be liable for what is posted. So they would have to employ the moderators. It simply can not be a community forum and an official FP channel at the same time.

Regarding Fairphone listening to this forum and the valuable input:
At least I simply don’t know, to what extent FP is watching this forum.

  • That they don’t post doesn’t mean they don’t read.
  • That the ideas posted here are not (immediately) realised, doesn’t mean, they are not discussed at FP, or will be realised later.

Fairphone just is not (yet?) a global player. They do not produce a constant stream oft phones and don’t have a department of development that is big enough to take in and test every idea; even less producing prototypes for testing.

Things they take up now, most likely will not hit the market within the next month, maybe even year; depending on the complicity and the amount oft other tasks, they do work in at the same time.

So, my approach is, that I don’t expect the same of Fairphone as I would of other manufacturers, since I assume, that their work flow is quite different. Just due to company size and staffing.


Short guess: You are not working in the software development area do you? If you want a stable product, you never take the newest, fanciest, most hyped whatever product. Example: If you want a real stable Linux, you take e.g. Debian because the software base is NOT the latest, but well tested because it has settled to a certain point (different story with security patches, yes). This is even more true for a smartphone OS because the hardware basis is much more diverse than for conventional PCs.
Look at all the topics with all kinds of issues popping up in this forum after they released Android 10 for the FP3. These guys at G00gle are experts in software development, still there are tons of issue now with the FP3. Are you really convinced it is a good idea to release Android 11 in maybe half a year? I don’t think so.
Also, from my point of view doing everything “speedy” is naturally the exact opposite of doing it in a sustainable way in most cases. If you do it speedy, you release a new device every year. That’s exactly what we need … not.
Doing everything fast is one of the (many) illnesses we have these days in the first world.


I agree with most of what you say, @Snafu, but let’s not pretend it’s Google’s responsibility for Fairphone Android issues.

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It would be great to know “when” they come.

But given the bad (or even inexistant) communication on the part of Fairphone it seems indeed to be astrology. :roll_eyes:

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