Android 10 upgrade - Random reboots

Just also had two reboots within 15 minutes with flight mode being activated (i.e. mobile inactive) and only WiFi and Bluetooth being activated.

I’ve updated the phone with the newest security patch (5th October) but seeing the same reboots behavior after the update. Fairphone asked me a while ago to try running the phone in Safe Mode. Since the blocks out 80% of what I use my phone for I’ve only tested it for short amounts of time in the last period without having reboots. In the last few day I gave it another try for a few hours triggering two reboots.

Hi everyone,

Since my last post, a lot has been happening in the background. Some more details can be found in our latest published blog. When we have more information, we will update this blog and I can certainly return to this thread too. Once again, apologies to those affected and thanks for your patience thus far.



Thank you @rae and Fairphone for the status update!


Good to hear Fairphone is working on it. I’ve contacted support and trying to help as much as I can :pray:

For those interested I have a short update on my reboot issue adventure. A week ago I did the factory reset and then turned the WiFi on. And kept it on. This past week I’ve seen a lot less reboots, about 1-2 reboots a day. However, last Thursday was most difficult where I had three reboots, one when I was on a call with IKEA customer support. Luckily IKEA called back and I finally got my Billy bookshelf, yay!

So for those of you who consider the factory reset I can only say that this won’t solve the issue completely, but it does reduce the amount of reboots. I’ve also installed the October update, with no difference.

The next week is dedicated to experimenting with WiFi scanning, most interesting! Never knew I’d know this much about phones.


reboots are finished (at the moment tree weeks) uninstalling the google phone app and installing another free phone app


Which one?


The app is: Dialer - Simple Mobile Tools


Thanks for the tip @Marco_Brollo. I just did to same. Fingers crossed. Since it is a standard android application I noticed that i couldn’t uninstall it but through settings -> apps -> ‘Telefoon’ (Phone) I was able to put it on ‘uitschakelen’ (shut-off) so did that and installed the ‘Telefoon’ (Dialer) - Simple Mobile Tools as you did. I’ll get back with an update on the test.


Hello everyone!

Since the last hint from @Marco_Brollo helped a lot :partying_face:, I had to register aswell to tell you that my fairphone works properly after installing ‘Telefoon’ (Dialer) by ‘Simple Mobile Tools’ and shutting off the Google-Dialer-App. I think other alternative Dialer-Apps will work too :hugs:

Before I did:
Phone calls often didn’t work because of the same problems many others described here before :unamused:
My Phone also rebootet several times on its own, during phone calls for example and also once during the night without beeing used :roll_eyes:

First I was reliefed reading that it was not a hardware problem since others had tried with more than one device. Thats what I hoped for :slight_smile:

Thanks for all people here trying to work out this issue and of course special thanks to @Marco_Brollo! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: You seem to have found out where these bugs arise :partying_face:

@rae I hope this might help to locate and fix these Bugs :blush:


Unfortunately this didn’t fix it for me. I had three reboots within a few hours and had to make the conclusion that I didn’t see any change in reboot behavior… went back to google dialer app.


Since I updated my phone to Android 10 I’ve been having the issue of random reboots. I already tried turning off the wifi for a few days and it restarts less often, however the problem comes back as soon as I turn on the wifi again. It has come to the point where the restarts are so often that the phone is completely unusable. I already sent a ticket almost 2 weeks ago and tried calling customer service without a reply. My ticket number is 396406.

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Hi there, welcome to the forums!
I moved your post here as there was already a topic about it. Please have a look around, it’s being worked on.


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This fix did not help me, unfortunately. Going back to Google’s dailer app as well.

I tried this option last week, but not being able to recieve normal phone calls made me switch off airplane mode after about 1 night.
Curiously enough, while it is now back to normal settings, I haven’t had any reboot so far!
No idea why, coincidence maybe, but I’m happy with it so far!

I don’t know if it is an Android 10 issue, my phone even reboots when it’s not switched on. It happens when you plug in the power and when the phone is off. It briefly flashes the big battery indicator on the screen and switches off. But immediately switches on again, flashing the batt. indicator, and. switches off again. Etc. I tried everything, including full factory reset and of course wifi off, no sim cards, no sd card (didn’t use one :wink: ) It almost feels like a hardware issue, as it always happens when you plug in or remove the usb cable (and the ‘rebooting’ when not switched on, so it happens before any of the systems are technically on)

Edit: like this one: Random reboots every few minutes, cannot use my phone

And I did not have any significant updates recently. The Android 10 upgrade was more than a month ago? Don’t even remember.

edit 2: I never use wifi as I have an unlimited T-mobile account. It is hardly ever switched on, only on rare occasions.

I have also experienced random reboots since the Android 10 upgrade. With WiFi enabled, reboots happen quite reliably when reconnecting to the WiFi in our home.

I use a WiFi range extender (on the same SSID as the main router), and just to test what happens, I unplugged it a couple of days ago. Interestingly, I haven’t had any reboots since then (uptime is now 129 hours). Does anyone else here use a WiFi range extender?

I used a WiFi repeater too, just like you, same SSID, unplugging it didn’t work for me though…

Interesting. I reconnected it yesterday and had multiple reboots since then. But do your reboots also appear to occur when reconnecting to your WiFi? I wonder whether there are multiple causes for the random reboots (I haven’t had any reboots during phone calls, for example).

Hi Marcel,

I couldn’t connect WiFi as a cause to the reboots, although the reboots happened almost exclusively at home. Switching off WiFi on the phone did not help. I got two reboots in the first half hour after switching WiFi off.
I also didn’t experience reboots during calls, but sometimes when using chrome browser for internet. Then it seemed to freeze first when browsing page, then rebooted. But also often just laying on the table, being idle…
I would not be surprised if it turns out to be more than one cause for this.
Having the phone in airplane mode for a night did the trick for me. After switching back to normal mode I didn’t experience any reboot so far. It’s been over a week now…