All I want is gadgets, gadgets, gadgets

Since I have a cool employer, it was not hard to convince them to get a Fairphone as company phone. My main reason is the open production proces, no child labor, no hard labor, honesty to the max.
But I am also a gadget lover and would love to see the Fairphone have options like these An onboard beamer, a portabale keyboard and more… Lovely. But looking at the Accesoires, there is lottlie more then a cover. That’s disappointing and limiting the success of the Fairphone. So as a Newbie in the Fairphone world, can you please tell me what there is to extend my phone with?

Bluetooth devices (although a bit hit and miss according to this forum), and the Fairphone 2 supports USB OTG for its micro USB port.

I’m not much into Bluetooth, but there’s a lot of USB OTG stuff for Android … DisplayLink adapters to mirror the screen to a TV/ monitor/ beamer, DVB-T2 receivers, flexible endoscopes … just search the web for what you have in mind + “usb otg” + “android”.
And Android supports USB mice and keyboards.


Don’t all phones with micro USB support OTG though?

Maybe our DIY category is something for you. Examples:

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No, unfortunately not. USB-OTG has to be supported explicitly. Fairphone (1 and 2) users have luck, as USB-OTG is supported.

You can even use “normal” USB devices like USB drives, mice and keyboards when you use an OTG cable. It has a Micro-USB plug at one side and an USB-A socket at the other.


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