Alarm clock doesn't work properly after Android 7 Update

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Hi Fairphone Community

Last week I updated my Fairphone2 to Android 7 (Fairphone OS 18.09.2).
Since then, my alarm clock is not working reliably in the morning. Some days it works perfectly fine, other days I wake up waay too late to find a message of a missed alarm.
When I tested it during daytime I never had any problems. Today in the morning I noticed that the alarm went off, but after 1-2s the phone “rebooted” (“change is in your hands”-screen with the dots), silencing the alarm and setting the “alarm missed” message. Same with a second alarm I set a few minutes later.
Interesting point: I don’t have to type my PIN code after the “reboot”, so it doesn’t seem to be a “real” reboot.

Does anybody else have this issue as well?
I keep my phone on flightmode during night and plugged in for charging, so the battery should be fully charged.

Have a nice day folks



Fortunately didn’t experience this issue here. I don’t charge my phone over night as it loses only around 3-4% of its battery level over night and I don’t have flightmode on but use do-not-disturb instead.


I have several of those “soft reboots” every day since the Android 7 upgrade, so I can confirm this part. Fortunately so far this never happened when the alarm went off. But I use a third-party alarm app, so not exactly the same scenario.


I have been using “fake dawn” as alarm and after the update to Android 7 it worked twice as expected. However, the 3rd time the alarm only rang, when I picked up the phone to check the time - it was 45 minutes too late.
My theory is that Android 7 uses a deeper sleep mode which keeps also the alarm asleep. During the nights when the alarm worked properly I had checked the time during the night as well, so this woke up the system. The 3rd time I did not do so, so the phone was able to sleep for 7+ hours, so was the alarm.
At least this is my theory.

3 days ago I also found the phone had turned off during night. The evening before battery was supposed to last for more than 1 day. And actually when I started to load the phone afterwards it showed a remaining capacity of 25%. So it did not turn off because the battery was drained.
But I think this is not related to the alarm issue. I will take my 5€ alarm with me now, like in the pre-smart-phone-time.

Some technical details: Fairphone Open, up to date Android, no root, no Google stuff, nearly 2 years old.


Similar to your problem, not the build in alarm (never so far I know), but with the build in email program…
I’m running linageos, but this also happened with android 6
My workaround is to automatically wake the phone from time to time

currently: every hour, with screen on, but not at nights! :sleeping_bed:



I have exactly the same problem. I have a FP 2 with multiple parts already exchanged (screen, top and bottom module). No clue if that matters.

No solution so far except a second alarm on another device…