E-Mail checks are omitted

My Situation:
Stock E-Mail from LOS (LinageOS), set to check for mails every 10 minutes
Email provider is GMX, not Gmail
Phone is on mobile data, Wlan is off
Phone is lying on the desktop, not touched, moved or activated
The normal flow of operations:
If there is a new mail, the led starts to blink, the I read the mail via the desktop computer, the phone is not used to read the mail
10 minutes later the phone stops blinking, because the mail is no longer new…
Well, quite a lot of phone for just blinking on new mails :slight_smile:
Ok, but quite often the phone isn’t checking and blinking, although I already know that there is a new mail.
When I activate the phone, the mails are checked, but the 10 minutes interval is ignored
My guess is that it is some sort of power optimization (an unused phone should stay asleep….)
I already excluded the mail app from the power optimization, and moved the power profile slider one tick to the right, it did no solve the problem
I also had this problem with FPOOS 6
The Calendar App is also affected
The hell with doze mode, I want my (spam) mails checked!!!111!!! :slight_smile:

Any suggestions on this issue?

I moved thia to #software:alt-lineageos. Let’s solve it here. :slight_smile:

What about background data? Is it enabled?

Well, as I said: I also had this problem on FPOOS 6!
background data is on, the checks are done, even when the phone is asleep but not reliable…

Have you tried with a different mail app, e.g. K9-Mail?

Not yet, because In generel the build in app suits my needs
It’s ok for me when this topics hangs around for some time, it is not urgent, maybe someone stumbles over a solution…

Worth a try perhaps, but at least on my phone K-9’s checking is rather hit and miss, too.
It doesn’t bother me much, though, so I let it slide until now :slight_smile:

I use IMAP and push emails and this is faster on my FP1 than on my PC with Thunderbird.

I’ll give it a try, and keep an eye on battery and data usage
Update: it failed, at least this test was quick!

My makeshift solution so far:
Take e.g. Macrodroid, set a wakelock for 1 second about every 20 minutes
But I’m not proud of it at all :frowning:

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