Again so much Problems with Fairphone OpenOS

After this big Problem in June, what renders the Phone useless because of infinit reboots, I recognized some days ago that all my contacts accept the Telegram contacts were gone. I dont know if it happend since the latest update. But this time it is not possible to make a backup afterwards … So you really have to do a complete backup before every update?

Now I tried to restore an older backup with TWRP, but this is also leaving the phone for hours in booting mode.


i will keep on try to work with this phone, and maybe also to do it without Google, but it is so much time to spend in this PROJECT which should just work… :frowning:

Err… if you want a phone that “just works”, why did you install FP Open OS with extended capabilities?

Additionally I can hardly imagine, that your issue of gone Telegram contacts has specifically something to do with OS upgrade and/or FP Open OS. Instead, Telegram contacts are most likely stored as additional accounts in the contact sink. This may have become a broken link or even deleted for a variety of reasons. I have personally lost my contact account (not Telegram) due to a new link to the server. It was an app issue here and at the same time a completely logic behaviour.

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Err, he states that all his contacts except (he wrote “accept”, but I think this is what he meant) his Telegram contacts are gone.

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: This sometimes helps…

If you want it “just working” you should definitely stick with the standard FPOS, I suppose. Runnig FP Open OS - as I’m doing here, too - is sometimes causing trouble.

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Ok I tried to go back to normal Fairphone OS and decided to be with Google :slight_smile:

I did the manual instalation like this:

Everything worked fine, but now its two hours after the reboot and the phone is still in the booting mode with the blue dots running…

…When I try to go in recovery mode it is this dyaing android picture.

You did reset to factory settings before installing the new OS?

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Finally I found that topic and the solution to instal TWRP with fastboot new worked for me (after i get the right version)

Now I’m with normal Fairphone OS and Google account…but I dont know if I will stay, it is so crazy what you have to allow google for that…

I also got the reason of that google play services to change, maybe I will try that Open Gapps thing, but that takes so much time in front of screens to understand it…

I wont a good working google free phone (FOR DUMMIES), possible?

Well, I have no Google account for starters.
Then I have disabled all Google apps, location service etc.
Most of my apps I get from including Yalp store, that allows me to get those apps from the Google play-store, that are free of charge.
This way I do have a phone for dummies, that is as free from Google as much as is possible without switching the OS.

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