After Android update (V12), WiFi is no longer recognized

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The following problem: After the update (a long wait) from Android to V. 12, WiFi is sometimes no longer recognized.
We have installed a WiFi amplifier in every room in the house via sockets. However, it cannot be due to this device, as it has already been replaced. The device with which the WLAN works with the best connection was exchanged with the device with which the WLAN does not work. After this exchange, the WiFi didn’t work either - with my partner, however, with full reception.

Even after a restart, nothing could be done with the WLAN.

Everything was fine before the update; all amplifiers worked perfectly in every room with the best WiFi. After the Android update, only 4G is received despite the amplifier device.

Otherwise WiFi works flawlessly in the rest of the house, including with my partner, who has a different mobile phone.

Is there a setting that may have been reverted by the Andriod update?

Does anyone have any advice? Would be very grateful for that!

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For the sake of forum categorisation I’ll assume this is about a Fairphone 4.

Some generic things for a start (I don’t have a Fairphone 4) …

Did you already try to turn off the phone (not just a reboot, real shutdown), wait a few seconds, then turn it on again?

Else … there should be a “network reset” available somewhere in the Settings (search the Settings for “reset” and go with “Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth” or similar).

Which router and repeaters do you have? It might be worthwile do assign different names (SSIDs) to your 2.4 and 5 GHz wi-fi networks.

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