After android 13 upgrade FP4 freezes

great! Thx! Will try that.
But this is not the solution I hope…? @Fairphone??

@fairphone does not exist nor is the forum a way to officially contact support, so please comtact through official channels

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After updating my FP4 to android 13 my phone was usable but I had issues with freezing or black screens. I never did anything unusual with my FP (nothing with the bootloader, no other installations).

At first I thought the only option I had was to remove the battery. With the next frozen screen I figured out that a very long press of the power button switches the phone off. After a view more incidents I realized that the phone, while the screen was frozen, still did work except for the screen issue (e.g. Google Assistant could be used with a ‘short’ long press of the power button).

I then had the feeling that freezes were happening when the screen did auto-rotate. Now I turned off auto-rotation and had no new frozen screens yet.

Not sure if it stays that way.
I will get back here if I can say more.

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Hi there,

Since I updated my Fairphone 4 to Android 13, I have a problem that I did not have before.
When I lock the phone then unlock it later, the phone screen is frozen on the last opened application, No way to interact with the interface…
But I can always ask things from the Google assistant via power button which is not very useful to me when this happens, the only solution I found is to force my phone to restart.

It’s very annoying, it happens several times a day.
Are the developers aware of this anomaly and working on its resolution ?

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I have a similar issue. When my fairphone doozes with screen switched of, I cant reactivate… The button works (vibrates), the fairphone receives messages but does not switch on the screen

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Don’t know what the developers are doing, but try turning off auto-rotate if you haven’t already done so, as a temporary fix.


Since the Android 13 update which my wife and I received recently (we both have a Fairphone 4), we experience a strange blackscreen issue.

It typically occurs after having turned off the display while an app ran full-screen in landscape orientation, in particular YouTube and Netflix. Then, when trying to turn the display on again using the fingerprint sensor, we see the backlight turn on but the screen remains black. Trying to drag down the notification bar or something like this does not do anything. Double-clicking the power button makes the phone vibrate from opening the camera app but the screen stays black.

In case of YouTube, rotating the phone appears to help to get the display content back. This does not help with the Netflix app. Noteworthy: The YouTube app supports changing the display orientation by rotating the phone, whereas the Netflix app stays in landscape orientation no matter how much you rotate the phone. I also experienced an issue once so far, where minimizing Netflix went wrong and the small video overlay ended up rotated with the close button “x” inaccessible.

The problem does not occur consistently, or the exact steps to reproduce are at least unclear so far. I wonder if it only occurs after having the display turned off / the phone locked for several minutes because I have never seen it happen when immediately turning on the display / unlocking the phone again.

The option to allow rotating the start screen is disabled (see :de: Bildschirm bleibt ab und zu schwarz - Zusammenhang Android 13? - Help / Fairphone 3 - Fairphone Community Forum) and we don’t have SD cards in the phones.

It doesn’t seem to be limited to apps running in fullscreen mode after all. Today, it happened with the Chrome browser in landscape orientation. It looked slightly glitched in the center, as if the left and right half were each rendered separately for a device with that screen size and then stitched together. No reaction to user input, rotating the phone didn’t help. I had to force a restart with the power button.

I conclude that it is the same problem as described here: Android 13 upgrade causes FP4 to freeze

I now disabled animations via the developer settings to see if that helps because this was suggested somewhere else (might have been about a different Fairphone model). Previously, I had it set to 0.5x because the Android 13 animation when an app minimizes when you use the home button is annoying and discomforting me at normal speed. My wife uses the normal setting but the freezing also occurs for her, so the 0.5x setting it surely not causing the problem.

Of so the workaround might be to turn off auto-rotate…

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Thanks for this workaround. It worked for me, while waiting for the fix, I’ll leave this option disabled.

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“After Android 13 upgrade, the FP4’s screen freezes occasionally – reboot required”

Did anybody have a decent conversation about this issue with Fairphone support?

I wrote them about it (pretty much the same as above in this thread) and only got an oddly generic response. At the end of the email they ask: Have you noticed any pattern connected to the issues?
Of course I have, and I just told you (support). It’s damn obvious, that somehow auto screen rotation sometimes freezes the screen.

What I got from them:

Step 1: Update

Make sure to update to the latest software: Fairphone OS v.073 (Build number FP4.TP1V.C.073)

The release of some updates may be delayed by up to a few weeks. This depends on your country and phone carrier.

Step 2: Check for network connection issues

Is your network connection weak? If your phone is having trouble connecting with the network, then this is most likely causing the issue. Enable Airplane mode for a while and let me know if that helps.

If your network connection is good, then we need to check if your Fairphone 4’s antennas are working well. To test that:

  1. Go to SettingsNetwork & internetMobile network → if you see Advanced tap on it.
  2. Take a screenshot(s) of all the available settings.
  3. Under Preferred network type, switch between the different network types (2G/3G/4G/etc.). If this helps, let me know which network type is most stable.
  4. If the settings Enhanced 4G/VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling are visible to you, switch them off. Let me know if that helps.

Step 3: Other connectivity issues

Faulty components may cause similar issues. Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC separately and test your Fairphone 4 like that for a while. If turning off one of those features solved the issue, please let me know which one it was and I’ll help you further.

Step 4: Safe mode

Reboot your Fairphone 4 in Safe mode and keep it like this for a while. If the issue is resolved, follow the instructions in the article to narrow down which 3rd party is causing it.

Step 5: Test with a different SIM/SD card

Try to test your phone with another SIM card or even without any SIM card. This will also help us know if antennas of your Fairphone 4 work well.

If you’re using a SD card, please test with a different one or without it. It’s possible that your SD card has become faulty is not fully compatible with your Fairphone 4. This test will tell us if that’s the case or not.

Step 6: Factory reset

If all else fails, Back up your data, if you have an SD card remove it, and then perform a Factory reset. While this step can take some time, it often helps and it’s worth to try it before we send the phone for repair. A Factory reset is mandatory when sending the phone for repair, so this might save your phone a trip to the repair center.

Important - Do not restore your data for a day or two after the Factory reset. When you are ready to restore your data, you will need to do a Factory reset again. This is because data can be restored only during the initial setup.

Let me know if the Factory reset resolved the issue.

Step 7: Additional information

  • Please provide the requested screenshot(s).
  • Have you noticed any pattern connected to the issues.
  • If the issue is resolved, please share what helped, as that can help us improve.

Please everybody, contact Fairphone if you are struggling with this issue.

I would do, but can’t see a way t edit the title.

As no reboot is required and dont see the title needs to be changed

But a reboot is required. You cannot use a phone where the screen doesn’t work anymore. And unfortunately, the freezing of the screen doesn’t go away magically.

And the title is a bit misleading. Not the upgrade freezes the phone, but the new android version freezes the screen sometimes while using the phone.

Thank you for your reply. Probably only moderators or admins can change it.

No a reebot it not required. Several people could fix it by turning off auto rotate what is marked as solution. So stating this would just be wrong.

Well there are different ways to read…