After android 13 upgrade FP4 freezes

After explaining the issue one more time to the support, they answered on November 6th:

Thank you for your message and for providing the link to the forum post.

To help you further with your request, I will need to ask for advice from the relevant department. As soon as we have an update, we will get back to you.

If you have any other questions or concerns in the meantime, please let us know.

But no more news since then.

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I have the same issue. It also started after the android 13 upgrade. My FP4 freezes multiple times a day. Sometimes waiting a couple of hours fixes it. But usually I take the battery out to restart. Once this happened multiple times in a row while i was commuting. This was very annoying since I could see that I received an important message, but was not able to use my phone for over 30 minutes.

Have you tried turning off auto-rotate?


You can long press power (>15s) or power + vol-down (>15s) to do a force restart. No need to take out the battery.

This sounds a little bit like the 5G bug. So did you try to disable 5G?

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In hindsight of all the new revelations, I think the title of this topic represents the real problem less and less. There now are even other threads probably concerning the same issue:
FP4 black screen in YouTube after Android 13 upgrade
Phone freezes after latest update

Something like…

Occasional screen freezing on FP4 with Android 13 (mostly black screens) – hardware buttons still responding

would fit much better.

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Have anyone heard, if the developers are trying to fix this very annoying issue, or if they have set a date for, when they expect to have a fix ready for installation?

There has been ongoing work on 5G related reboots, and the fix is to be expected around seasonal festivities:) not sure if and how much it is connected.

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I got a message from support today concerning this issue:

Thank you for your patience.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the display issues you experience.
Rest assured, we are currently thoroughly investigating the root cause of this issue and are working on a permanent solution.
In the meantime, please keep Auto-rotate disabled.
We are grateful for your patience and understanding as we work to resolve this issue.
We will keep you updated on the progress of our investigation.

Now and then the screen of my Fairphone 4 stays black after the Android 13 , the only way to solve this is to push the power button so long that the phone restarts to get a visible screen again.

I found another workaround without even disabling the autorotation:

If the screen does not come up again, turn the FP4 into landscape-orientation and the screen goes on again…

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Useful thread here, thank you. I’ve had the freeze twice in the last month, so came here to check for similar; the hardware seems to respond (I can hear the fingerprint sensor) but the screen is black. I had to take out the battery each time - I was long pressing to force a restart but not that long! I’ll try 15s next time. I’ve disabled auto-rotate in the meantime to try to avoid it recurring at all - good tip.
(I’m getting an alert that “this topic has been solved” as I type this - is the issue supposedly fixed?)

As far as I know, the only ‘fix’ is the workaround of turning off autorotate. The workaround mentioned above of just turning the screen to landscape orientation doesn’t work for me.

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If it still doesn’t work then try pressing power + vol-down (for 15s).

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Hello everybody,

I am not sure if it stays that way, but since the new update I haven’t had any screen freezes with auto-rotate turned on.

Any other experiences?

UPDATE: No more screen freezing issues since the update. The problem seems to be fixed.

UPDATE2: After a good week without issues, my screen froze today. It was a combination of Chrome, screen rotation and the screen turning off and on. The solution to rotate the phone to landscape to unfreeze the screen worked once, but after the screen went off again and the freezing reoccurred only shutting the phone down helped.


No, the problem is not solved for me.
I still have problems with it, even if it feels a bit rarer.


Same here. The update stops the freeze happening every hour or so, but it still happens once or twice a day if auto-rotate is on.


I have also the same problem on my FP4.

Hooray! It seems that the latest update has solved this problem.

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Yes, it seems so. No more freezes for me since the update.

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