FP3 Freezes (after) Android 13 build 6.A.023.1 update

The issue has only recently started for me. My FP3 was last updated 5 dec 2023 but this issue is only a week old.

My FP3 is running Android 13 build nr 6.A.023.1 and it says it’s all up to date.

The issue with freezing screen is a very on and off kind of thing. It may be a few seconds where it is slow to respond to my touch. Or a few seconds where it doesn’t register my touches, but becomes responsive again later on. Or a really long number of seconds, sometimes a minute or more.

Resetting seems to reduce the issue for a little while, but not 100% and not for long.

Disabling auto-rotate may be helping but it’s not 100%.

Turning of wifi just now seemed to help. Or was that a coincidence? In any case this is a really bad (pricey!) workaround. And having wifi on is generally not causing the problem.

A suggestion that I haven’t seen yet is to disable multiple users. It’s in the main section of the Settings app. Most people never add a second user, but if you ever toyed with this, it’s worth your while to check.

I did notice that Spotify decided to download over a hundred new “items” yesterday. Probably something to do with playlists and settings inside that app. In any case, the Settings app says storage is at 81% of capacity, that doesn’t seem like it would slow down the device. [EDIT: the issue still exists even though Spotify is done downloading the big bunch of items]

The battery doesn’t seem to drain any faster than usual. The device doesn’t get any hotter than usual.

It’s just plain weird this issue.

What is the version number of the update that made everybody’s problem disappear? Android 13, but what “build” number are you guys on?