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“Nachrichtensperre”, hehe :blush: Der Zauberer ist bestimmt zu engagieren, sein übliches Salär kenne ich aber ebenso wenig wie die Antwort auf die Frage, ob auch Teleportieren nach Wien zu seinem Repertoire gehört. :wink:


:de: 11. Aachener Fairphone-Stammtisch 4. September 2018

  • am Dienstag, 4. September 2018 um 19.00 Uhr, im Veganen Kulturrestaurant
  • PZ – Pfannenzauber | Suermondtplatz 12 | 52062 Aachen | 0241.9610569
  • Bahnhof: Aachen Hbf | Bushaltestelle: Theater oder Elisenbrunnen

    Aachener Zeitung + Aachener Nachrichten 29.08.2018, S. 16

:de: Erfreulicherweise erscheint (oben) die Ankündigung nicht nur in beiden (hier inhaltsgleichen) Lokalzeitungen, sondern auch genau wie von mir heimlich erhofft am ersten Tag nach den Schulferien. Wermutstropfen: Die Kontaktadresse wurde nicht übernommen. Noch größere Überraschung: Im großen Artikel direkt daneben (ebenfalls in beiden Blättern) seht Ihr unseren “zauberhaften” Fairphoner :mage: Gert! … und am Tag des Stammtischs auch noch eine Kurzankündigung in beiden Zeitungen (unten) :slight_smile:
:gb: Nice surprises: Both local newspapers publish the announcement (above) exactly when I wanted it – the first day after the school holidays (unfortunately omitting my contact address though). Even nicer: Our magic Fairphoner :mage: Gert prominently appears in the big article and photo right next to our announcement! … and on our meetup day a mini announcement in both papers again (below) :slight_smile:

Aachener Zeitung + Aachener Nachrichten 04.09.2018, S. 18:

:gb: 11th Aachen Fairphoners get-together 4 September 2018

  • Tuesday, 4 September 2018 at 1900h, Vegan Restaurant
  • PZ – Pfannenzauber | Suermondtplatz 12 | 52062 Aachen | +49.241.9610569
  • Train station: Aachen Hauptbahnhof | Bus stop: Theater + Elisenbrunnen


Los geht’s im frisch renovierten Pfannenzauber mitsamt neuen Wandmalereien!

Update 11:51 pm: Sorry folks, for the first time the Aachen host is too exhausted to write up a full report on the same night. Will write more tomorrow. The curious ones can find the numbers in the very first post. :slight_smile:


OK, winding down took almost a day :relieved:

Fairphone Community Aachen’s 11th meetup …

… was quite a demanding 3 1/2 hour night – both for myself as well as for Fairphone Angels from Düsseldorf and Liège who pretty much saved my, err…, very own bottom module, albeit to everyone’s biggest dismay not another longstanding and most loyal first hour Fairphoner’s all new FP2’s core module which remained stubbornly un-revivable.

Turnout well exceeded expectations with 18 people (12+2 having FP2s, 3+1 having FP1s, 5 without a FP) in attendance plus three short-time visitors who nevertheless had FP issues to deal with. One was actually offering her fully functional FP1 for free … because “there are no more batteries to buy!” :smiley: So you can guess – we didn’t accept that! (And directed her to the well-known Generic battery topic, of course.) The FP1 was in fact a recurring topic during and even already before the meetup – two locals who could not make it that night had actually been put in touch beforehand in order to let another fully working FP1 change hands from a now FP2 owner to a smartphone virgin. And a returning participant from the 10th meetup was spontaneously equipped with another surplus FP1, having seen her own iPhone 5 take a dive just the day before.

A brief introduction around the table revealed that the newspaper announcements paid off big time: Most of the unprecedented attendance resulted from these, but to a smaller part also from having looked us up online (and to teach myself a lesson, the events web page was explicitly mentioned, too). Almost every second attendee joined us for the first time, so a brief introduction to the Fairphone project and its two main drivers – conflict minerals/fair trade and sustainability/repairability – was a must. Most of the planned agenda (Android 7, alternative OSes, Crowdloaning) had to be pushed aside given the abundance not just of questons, but to not mince words: a heavy and partly worrying load of FP2 troubleshooting as well. This host was confronted with quite a challenge and would not have coped with it had it not been for “Angels in Action”: @amber and @oli.sax who provided tireless assistance and support as well as Aachen Fairphoner Christian who had volunteered early to let me demonstrate the dis/reassembly of his FP2 to the eyes of the newbies. I owe you folks a big measure of gratitude, not just for making the way to Aachen, but to also show up and help despite not everyone of you being perfectly well last night. You took quite a load off my shoulders.

And although we were able to solve quite a couple of issues (one FP2 owner just needed a little encouragement to re-establish contact between her camera module and the core module by her own hands, another was helped switching from Ubuntu to Lineage), we also had a major disappointment :frowning: when no one was able to fix a founding Aachen Fairphoner’s all-new FP2 respectively its core module. It will now travel back to Fairphone Support.

So all in all a mixed bag – great attendance with many new faces, yet on the other hand also a couple of issues that might not have given the best (but perhaps also not the most representative) impression to some newbies. Nevertheless, virtually everyone was happy to be included in our email list and seemed to look forward to future opportunities to meet up and get in touch. We are eyeing the second half of November for Meetup #12.

See you soon!

P.S.: Additional thanks to @lorahaspels @Monica.Ciovica @lina1 for not just providing a ton of fresh merchandise and tirelessly advertising the event on social media, but also for just bearing with me :relaxed:


Wow, congratulations to this bis success! :smiley: :clap:

Who is this guy in the back with the white t-shirt? He shows up in different locations. He seems to be everywhere. Even at Fairphone’s HQ#creepy :joy: In serious: I’m amazed by this enthusiasm. We should make a forum badge for being at [3/5/10] different meetups. :wink:


This is amazing! Congratulations :raised_hands:


:slight_smile: It makes me really happy to see this picture and read about your meet up!

Thanks for sharing and let’s keep on pushing Fair electronics far and wide! :slight_smile:


:de: 12. Aachener Fairphone-Stammtisch 27. November 2018

  • am Dienstag, 27. November 2018 um 19.00 Uhr, im Veganen Kulturrestaurant
  • PZ – Pfannenzauber | Suermondtplatz 12 | 52062 Aachen | 0241.9610569
  • Bahnhof: Aachen Hbf | Bushaltestelle: Theater oder Elisenbrunnen

:gb: 12th Aachen Fairphoners get-together 27 November 2018

  • Tuesday, 27 November 2018 at 1900h, Vegan Restaurant
  • PZ – Pfannenzauber | Suermondtplatz 12 | 52062 Aachen | +49.241.9610569
  • Train station: Aachen Hauptbahnhof | Bus stop: Theater + Elisenbrunnen

:belgium: Everyone in and around nearby Belgium:
Also have a look at Olivier’s call for a future Liège meetup!



Ich bin hier!


12th Meetup, 27 November 2018

:de: Im Vorlauf zum Stammtisch hatte mich ein regionaler Radiosender kontaktiert und interviewt. Die Ankündigung mit einem ganz kurzen O-Ton lief dann am Tag des Stammtischs (ab ca. 0:36):

:gb: Our 12th meeting was quite a bit smaller than our extensive September meetup, convening a total of just eight participants with only one new face (already owning an FP2 for quite some time though). While we started as six FP2 owners, one FP1 owner :blush: and an owner of a heavily taped other smartphone (I don’t remember the brand), we closed the evening with the latter giving one of my downhanded FP1s a trial run for the coming week. So while the FP2 now clearly dominates our meetups, I also keep equipping new people with FP1s … :angel:

A few late (but fully understandable) cancellations had the host a bit concerned prior to the meetup, but the (near) all-Fairphoner composition and the cozy size of the group allowed us to get some more actual troubleshooting and technical help done. With a little patience (after some trial and error, we even managed to backup some photos beforehand :smile:) , the Android 7 upgrade was successfully performed on an FP2 whose owner had had quite a big trouble with her first FP2 at the previous meetup. Of course, both the owner of the „just upgraded“ FP2 as well as those not having upgraded yet also got a thorough enlightenment :bulb: on how to properly shut down a 12 MP camera FP2 on Android 7. :wink:

So despite the rather familiar small group, we were all surprised how quickly time had elapsed when the clock hit 22.00 h

Looking forward to Fairphone Community Aachen’s next meetup in the new year!


:de: 13. Aachener Fairphone-Stammtisch am 5. Februar 2019

Mit zahlreichen Preisen wie dem Deutschen Umweltpreis ausgezeichnet, ist das Fairphone das am fairsten produzierte und nachhaltigste Smartphone auf dem Markt. Zudem ist es modular aufgebaut und spielend leicht reparierbar. Bei unserem vierteljährlichen Stammtisch gibt es keine Tagesordnung, sondern einfach lockeren Austausch und Kennenlernen für alle in & um Aachen und die Euregio Maas-Rhein, die schon ein Fairphone haben, noch eins wollen oder einfach nur neugierig auf das Fairphone sind. Niemand von uns arbeitet selbst bei Fairphone, wir sind alle ganz normale Fairphoner*innen – die einen mit FP1, die anderen mit FP2 – oder wollen es vielleicht werden oder auch einfach nur mehr erfahren. Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

Rückmeldung willkommen: Wer schon weiß, dass sie/er dabei sein wird, kann das ganz oben mit “Teilnehmen” oder “Going” anzeigen (natürlich freiwillig & geht nur, wenn Du im Forum eingeloggt bist). Aber ich freue mich natürlich auch über persönliche Rückmeldungen hier. Und auch für’s Teilen dieser Ankündigung oder auch der Facebook-Veranstaltung wäre ich Euch sehr dankbar!

:gb: 13th Aachen Fairphoners quarterly get-together 5 February 2019

Everybody welcome – with or without a Fairphone! And also: Feedback welcome! If you already know you’ll join us, feel free to press “Going” at the very top (all voluntary, of course & only works when logged into the forum). But I also appreciate feedback here, of course! Last but not least I will be grateful if you would share either this announcement or the Facebook Event with anyone who might be interested.