3G not working?

Hi, I have just received my new FP. I have selected which SIM card for mobile data, and turned that on. i have a data plan with my provider. However, I cannot get any 3G, and I know there is a 3G signal on that network as other phones on the same network are picking it up. Any ideas?

To get the 3G going, your phone needs to know which provider you have etc.
Go to ‘System settings’ and at the settingsscreen tab to 'More" in the first section 'WIRELESS & NETWORKS’
select Mobile networks, select Mobile operators, select the sim which you want to use for networks.
First try Choose Automatically to see if you can get registered on the network - if still doesn’t work try the Select Manually option and seeing if you can select your network.

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Thanks - done that. Found the network, and it “registered”. But still no 3G.

Have you checked the APN settings for your network?

You can do this by going to Settings > More > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names, select your SIM (if you have more than 1 inserted) and then check the settings with your network operator.

Also, go to Settings > More > Mobile Networks > 3G Service and ensure the 3G service is enabled on your active SIM

Also in Settings > More > Mobile Networks > Data Connection and make sure this is enabled for your active SIM

Thanks - had already done all that, but have double checked. Still no 3G :frowning:

When I go into “about Phone” it says Mobile network is “disconnected”, but I can’t see anything I haven’t already done to connect it.

Not sure if this is relevant, but I have 3G enabled and my provider supports 3G yet in the top right corner it always says “H+”, which is 3.75G. You can also have “H” which is 3.5G. I’ve never had “3G”.

Sorry, I was using 3G as shorthand for mobile data, none of which I can

sent from my cheap iPad imitation.

Problem solved - deep in the Access Point Network settings, something had changed itself in the transfer of the SIM card from my previous handset. Thanks for all the help. Advice to anyone else: even if you think the APN settings are correct, double check them with an independent source.


Beware that even though you have defined e. g. SIM2 for data connection, you may well end in a slow Edge link if you didn’t specify 3G in system parametres > wireless & network > more > mobile networks > 3G service.
At least this happened to me, and I spent many days thinking that the FP was very poor on data connection before setting this :slight_smile:


After the update to Cherry 1.6 my network on the second sim didn’t work anymore.
As @MichaelHopkins said I had to double check the APN-settings and yes there was something not right.
Thanks to @MichaelHopkins my network on the second sim is working again.

Glad to hear it’s all sorted now for you!! :thumbsup:

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