3D Hubs Collection (Nightstand and Amplifier)

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The right idea for Christmas!!

There are more infos here:

Is there anyone that has bought/received the nightstand or amplifier? I’m thinking about buying one of them (or both ;)) but I’m very curious how the sound of the amplifier is.


Hi! I’d love to order the amplifier, but I’ve got the FP1, does anyone know if it will fit/work as well?

What a great gadget idea. I myself though already have a nightstand for my phone: A friend of my mother makes small rice bags for phones tablets etc. They are great for when your’e watching videoes on your phone and so alike. But I am also curious about the amp and how the sound is.

By the way does anyone know how to show the clock when the phone is locked? I mean, like the clock shows on the nightstand phone on this pictures: https://ixquick-proxy.com/do/spg/show_picture.pl?l=dansk&rais=1&oiu=https%3A%2F%2F3dhubs.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com%2Fs3fs-public%2Ftalk%2Fattachments%2FF2Nightstand.jpg&sp=724e840b4fe47c1b16a369cd0a2b7e45


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i bought the ‘amplifier’:

  • great design. looks very good with the FP2 in.
  • material looks a bit like grown, real timber (ash, birch or the likes)
  • edges are not smoothed, a bit rough
  • i hardly notice any difference in sound
  • no charging while phone is in (a hole underneath USB connector would come handy)
    => over-priced in my view
    regards, Ulli

I bought the nightstand. Of course it is not great looking, sleekly finished or even cheap. But it goes with the whole spirit of the Fairphone concept. For that reason alone I am happy to have it and I have even tidied up my bedside table for the occasion!..

I just bought the nightstand a few days ago. How do I get to know about the processing status? All I got was an invoice about a voucher in my Fairphone account. No information about further steps. I also did not get any confirmation from 3D-hubs.
Any suggestions?

Regards, Jaan

You won’t get any further confirmation or delivery notification of any sort. Mine just turned out of the blue. I can’t remember how much time it took but less than a month.

Thank you for your feedback. Then I will lean back and looking forward to the day of delivery - when ever this will be ;)).

Warning, the little slot at the back is too narrow to fit any USB cable. With such a design flaw, it’s an expensive stand. You wonder whether they have tested their product…

Uhh… Could you post a photo? I will Report about my nightstand as soon as it gets delivered.

I ordered my nightstand in the beginning of January - and it hasn’t arrived yet.
@fgaine: in which country do you live?

I am in the UK. I checked my receipt: I ordered on the 16/01. Must have received it less than a couple weeks later.

Tell me what happens when you do…

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Ok, I got my nightstand yesterday. The 3D-Hub was located in Dortmund - only a few minutes away from me by car. My USB-Cable fits to the slot at the back. But it looks really cheap. Very rough surface with little fibers sticking out. All this considered I am disapointed of the quality - especially concidering the price… The nightstand looks worse than on the advertising-pictures here at Fairphone… Another thing: As customers get a voucher and the delivery will be processed by an unknown hub of 3D-Hub, how does the return-process work if customers are not satisfied or the product is damaged?

Regards, Jaan

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I ordered my amplifier on 1/2/2016 and I still haven’t received it yet. Order status says “complete”. How can I get any information about when I will get it? The Support Team hasn’t answered my request.

I still haven’t received my nightstand.
@anon90052001: how long should I wait??? Support isn’t answering either.