Sense of Accessoires for the FP2, Amplifier

Hello, Community,

:angry: I’m a great fan of the Fairphone Idea and own a Fp2 now for over a year. Unless not everything works perfekt I can call myself a content user and don’t want to change my Phone for a long time. But sometimes I want to get something new, expand the possibilities and get some accessoires for my device.

yesterday I got the accessoire “amplifier” from the Fairphone shop and must tell you I’m really disappointed.
Doesn’t it mean it should amplify the sound somehow, perhaps in the old way of a grammophone?
Sorry, but my son and I both couldn’t hear a difference of the level, just the colour of the sound changed a little bit.

Please, Fairphone, don’t longer call it “amplifier”, it’s just nothing more than a nice stand for the device!

This is a community forum
You cannot directly address the Fairphone team here. If you want to do that, you’ll have to contact Fairphone support.

Thank you, but this was just a part of my expression of opinion.

Is anybody here who has better expierience with the wooden amp?

I use it now as a smartphone stand for the night, becaus I can hide the LED while charging my device.

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The only two reviews I could find are not very positive either:

Nice idea. I remember quite a few posts from people who really disliked the blinking LED at night.

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Perhaps the The Fairphone 2 Nightstand should be modified. I tried today. Not nice, but practical, right?

I think that way it deserves its name.

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