3D Hubs Collection (Nightstand and Amplifier)

There are more infos here:

Is there anyone that has bought/received the nightstand or amplifier? I’m thinking about buying one of them (or both ;)) but I’m very curious how the sound of the amplifier is.


Hi! I’d love to order the amplifier, but I’ve got the FP1, does anyone know if it will fit/work as well?

What a great gadget idea. I myself though already have a nightstand for my phone: A friend of my mother makes small rice bags for phones tablets etc. They are great for when your’e watching videoes on your phone and so alike. But I am also curious about the amp and how the sound is.

By the way does anyone know how to show the clock when the phone is locked? I mean, like the clock shows on the nightstand phone on this pictures: https://ixquick-proxy.com/do/spg/show_picture.pl?l=dansk&rais=1&oiu=https%3A%2F%2F3dhubs.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com%2Fs3fs-public%2Ftalk%2Fattachments%2FF2Nightstand.jpg&sp=724e840b4fe47c1b16a369cd0a2b7e45


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i bought the ‘amplifier’:

  • great design. looks very good with the FP2 in.
  • material looks a bit like grown, real timber (ash, birch or the likes)
  • edges are not smoothed, a bit rough
  • i hardly notice any difference in sound
  • no charging while phone is in (a hole underneath USB connector would come handy)
    => over-priced in my view
    regards, Ulli

I bought the nightstand. Of course it is not great looking, sleekly finished or even cheap. But it goes with the whole spirit of the Fairphone concept. For that reason alone I am happy to have it and I have even tidied up my bedside table for the occasion!..

I just bought the nightstand a few days ago. How do I get to know about the processing status? All I got was an invoice about a voucher in my Fairphone account. No information about further steps. I also did not get any confirmation from 3D-hubs.
Any suggestions?

Regards, Jaan

You won’t get any further confirmation or delivery notification of any sort. Mine just turned out of the blue. I can’t remember how much time it took but less than a month.

Thank you for your feedback. Then I will lean back and looking forward to the day of delivery - when ever this will be ;)).

Warning, the little slot at the back is too narrow to fit any USB cable. With such a design flaw, it’s an expensive stand. You wonder whether they have tested their product…

Uhh… Could you post a photo? I will Report about my nightstand as soon as it gets delivered.

I ordered my nightstand in the beginning of January - and it hasn’t arrived yet.
@fgaine: in which country do you live?

I am in the UK. I checked my receipt: I ordered on the 16/01. Must have received it less than a couple weeks later.

Tell me what happens when you do…

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Ok, I got my nightstand yesterday. The 3D-Hub was located in Dortmund - only a few minutes away from me by car. My USB-Cable fits to the slot at the back. But it looks really cheap. Very rough surface with little fibers sticking out. All this considered I am disapointed of the quality - especially concidering the price… The nightstand looks worse than on the advertising-pictures here at Fairphone… Another thing: As customers get a voucher and the delivery will be processed by an unknown hub of 3D-Hub, how does the return-process work if customers are not satisfied or the product is damaged?

Regards, Jaan

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I ordered my amplifier on 1/2/2016 and I still haven’t received it yet. Order status says “complete”. How can I get any information about when I will get it? The Support Team hasn’t answered my request.

I still haven’t received my nightstand.
@anon90052001: how long should I wait??? Support isn’t answering either.

I got the nightstand for my birthday and I like it. Indeed it is somewhat rough around the edges, but not in a way that bothers me. I do like the wooden feel of it. It fits the phone perfectly, holds it very stable, reaching out in the morning to turn off the alarm (and going back to sleep) has become so much more comfortable. It fits my usb cable just fine. I like it.

Trust me, you will receive it before you get an answer from Support!:slightly_smiling: