3D Hubs Collection (Nightstand and Amplifier)

I got the nightstand for my birthday and I like it. Indeed it is somewhat rough around the edges, but not in a way that bothers me. I do like the wooden feel of it. It fits the phone perfectly, holds it very stable, reaching out in the morning to turn off the alarm (and going back to sleep) has become so much more comfortable. It fits my usb cable just fine. I like it.

Trust me, you will receive it before you get an answer from Support!:slightly_smiling:


I ordered an amplifier and nightstand on 04.02.2016, almost 6 weeks ago! :confused:
Order status complete, no answer from support.

Hi @mboes, I contacted support (per telephone) and received the following answer: "Somehow your order has not been properly processed in the order system of 3D Hubs. We are currently looking into this problem together with our partner 3D Hubs.
They will fix the problem and get in touch as soon as the order has been processed on their side. You should receive a message from them soon."
Maybe this happened to you to.
Maybe write directly to @anon73900052, he answered me.

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i bought nightstand (nice!) and amplifier (not recommendable in my view).


  • the idea is nice…
  • looks kind of futuristic
  • not the slightest difference in Sound, not at all louder than without the amplifier
  • high risk of damage: the phone has a really unstable position in the amplifier because it´s open to the side
  • phone only chargeable if you place it upside down in the amplifier
    => this makes the amplifier completely superfluous in my view

perhaps this helps if you need help in deciding which device makes more sense for you.
Kind regards, giggedi


The same for me, it took several weeks to deliver and a note to Fairphone.

That’s what I thought for Christmas this year:

The wooden look is great

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