10 Lessons We Learned in 2023

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  1. We can make a phone that can last 10 years. The Fairphone 5 that came out in August 2023 boasts a five-year warranty and at least eight years of extended software and hardware support. Plus at least five major Android updates. The way we see it, the Fairphone 5 is built to last well into the 2030s.
  2. People are interested in a non-Google Android experiences. We started selling the Fairphone 4 preloaded with /e/OS that prioritizes privacy above everything else. The response has been amazing to say the least. Especially in the United States.
  3. People don’t always want shiny, new things. Refurbished is cool. Our Fairphone 4 New Life Editions have been selling like hot cakes ever since we announced them in November. Next on the agenda? A solid software upgrade for the Fairphone 4, maybe? Watch this space for more.
  4. Over-the-ear headphones can be sustainable from the ground up. Have you checked out the Fairbuds XL which we released in early 2023? It was our first foray into the personal audio space that prioritized sustainable design from the get go. Now to see if we can extend our learning to a pair of truly wireless earbuds. 2024 is going to sound amazing!
  5. All our products can be 100% electronic waste neutral. We are super proud of the fact that our entire Fairphone product family, including the Fairphone 5, the Fairphone 4 and the Fairbuds XL, are all 100% e-waste neutral.
  6. Our phones can be even more modular. The Fairphone 5 upped the modular game with ten swappable spare parts as opposed to the Fairphone 4. This time around, we have made the individual cameras easily replaceable as well.
  7. Our phones can have even more fair and recycled materials inside. Compared to the 40% of fair and recycled materials inside the Fairphone 4, the Fairphone 5 contains almost 70% fair and recycled materials inside.
  8. What we’re doing is inspiring other companies. Google’s latest Pixels are offering seven years of support. Of course, at this point, we’re offering closer to 10. But at least they’re trying.
  9. Ten years in, there is still a strong market for fair and sustainable electronics. Sustainability and profitability can go hand in hand. It’s all thanks to the millions of people who believe in what we do. Mother Nature would be proud. (Right, Apple?)
  10. We really miss Eva! Our former CEO has left some really big shoes to fill. Hopefully, someone new will be stepping into them very soon. Stay tuned for more.

Here’s to an even more enlightening, inspiring and exciting 2024! Happy new year!



I can’t help myself but note:

You* don’t know that yet … you (hopefully) know that in 2034.

You learned that way before 2023 … Fairphone 2 Open OS is available (2016) … Keeping your data safe with /e/OS - Fairphone (2020)

You sold refurbished Fairphones way before 2023 … Fairphone 2 New Life Edition phones [SOLD OUT] (2017) … Fairphone 3 and 3+ New Life Edition (2022)

Cool, but as you learned in prior years with more than one Fairphone model, this is not a merit in itself beyond the proof of concept. Customary sturdiness in everyday use and long-time availability of all spare parts will decide the merit of modularity in the long run.

* Since I’m answering in the forum … I am aware I’m answering a system account re-post of a blog entry.


Yes, FairPhone must stay in Asia and Taipei. I am helping to advertise FairPhone everywhere. :muscle::muscle::muscle:

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It’s so nice to know that at least one company cares about sustainability and doing things in a sensible manner. Although I guess it’s a bit sad that making a proper phone you can actually repair is such a revolutionary act :slight_smile:

My Fairphone is awesome. My Fairbuds XL are AWEsome.

I wish you a successful 2024!

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I would up that with another modularity-related aspect: upgradability. The FP3+ cameras proved that Fairphone is able to sell upgraded components and Framework proved FP isn’t even alone when it comes to selling upgrades to their electronics. This sadly was not carried over to the FP4 by FP, so this was a step down in my eyes. It actually felt like the FP5 was that (badly needed) camera upgrade, but of course at a much higher price than a simple upgrade*. I hope FP will bring upgraded components back with the FP5.

All in all I am very happy though that FP is still around and kicking! Glad also to see that the collaboration with /e/ or Murena wasn’t a one-off, but is a lasting partnership.

*I’m aware FP5 adds more upgrades to the FP4 form factor than only the cameras and I do own a FP5 myself, but sadly I had to take “the whole package” when I only wanted a single upgrade.

I am actually glad that Fairphone did not keep feeding the false idea that improving the camera by replacing the module is the miracle cure that many expect from it. The biggest improvement for my FP3+ camera was switching to a different app. I have advised people against upgrading the FP3 (without plus) camera ever since and strongly recommended trying the app change instead.

Unfortunately many users still believe that it’s all about specs (more megapixels). I think the only hardware specs that would make a huge difference now would be sensor size.


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