ZTE ~ Phone only blinks red and vibrates

So I have a ZTE phone and whenever I try to charge it it justs blinks red and vibrates. I don’t know what to do please help.

I hope you are not expecting a lot of help as this forum is dedicated to phones made by the Dutch company called Fairphone. You may have thought the title Fairphone Forum was a general help by the use of the word(s) 'fair phone forum’

I’m going to change the title of your topic to reflect that your query does not relate to a Fairphone. Let me know if you are OK with the change in title

Charging problems can be any of ~ the supply charger ~ the cable or ~ the phone; so you can try swapping the charger and cable and try the charger and cable on another phone. if you are convinced it is the phone or the charger and cable were bought with the phone, contact the vendor. If it is still covered by warranty then the sellers should be able to resolve the problem for you

You may find it more helpful to post your question to one of the forums linked to below and if you do, please supply the forums you use with more detail, ~ model ~ date of purchase ~ Android version and updates etc. Providing little information results in being asked lots more questions delaying any useful reponse.

or here





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