Your fairphone since

Hi there!

You know the text "your fairphone since … that appears on the screen when you wake up the phone, it is suddenly gone! now its only a clock and the date, any idea how I can get the text back?


Just tap on the clock, it’s a widget with multiple pages.


Oh, bummer. I thought someone had found a way to turn it off…


Ah! problem solved in less than 4 min. Thanks Jorl! You people here are amazing!


What can I do if the data shown under “your fairphone since” is wrong? Where can I edit that?

You can’t. That happens when you set up your phone without internet connection and don’t set the time and date manually. The phone will be set to 1970 and after it gets internet connection it will automatically be set to the actual date and will think that it was 46 years since you set it up.


Thank you.
So I guess I can “fix” that with the next flash/full reset? (still waiting for Fairphones OSOS-Rom)

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