Xpectations of Fairphone

The first thing that comes to mind is the ethics of being fair and I can imagine that most people would like to wear that badge.

Secondly is the actual product ~ the Fairphone. Whereas there are numerous ways to acquire the ‘Fair Human’ badge this is the first time it has been awarded to a mobile phone consumer and totally inappropriately.

The problem is no one can care more about the environment they depend upon than their ability to exploit it, so we come up with this nonsensical notion of being fair. I will not go into the concept of fairness as to me this goes beyond the notion of ethics and brings in the notion of morality.

Once someone has decided to acquire the ‘badge’ via Fairphone there are two blatant expectations a) the user will expect a perfectly usable phone, though of low spec and b) better than average support from those that sell the badge.

Sadly for double the price of a phone without the badge the recipient is often less than happy with a) the phone and b) more than a little unhappy about the support. If it were not for this forum many people would be even more distressed. At least with this forum there is the feeling that I am not alone in this leaky boat in the midst of a storm that sees no end. Sure storms pass but with climate change they are becoming all the more frequent and the badge isn’t going to act like a life jacket ~ it’s a virtual badge and in the real world could be a burden that drags one to the bottom even quicker.

However this goes beyond the Earthy ethics about saving the planet, which is a joke, that sadly Fairphone take to the stage but more about the individual’s concern for their soul, dare I say. For this Fairphone endeavour shows that people care for more than just money and power as they loose the first and do not gain the second on this journey. And it is for this aspect that I am glad I bought the Fairphone.

This is what I wanted from myself, an opportunity to remind myself that I have the strength to care a little bit more, and what better token in the real world, where communication is so dominant, than to have a phone that demands constant care and attention.

So all you would be do gooders don’t buy a Fairphone, it won’t stop climate change and it won’t help you swim. But if you know you are going to drown be assured that you won’t be tempted to ask for help when you are two feet under as the Fairphone isn’t water proof.

Enjoy the badge it’s cheap at twice the price because it has no value monetarily but how much does your ego want a heart?

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