Wooden phone case to Fairphone 3 and 4!

I found this company today making cases to Fairphone 3 and 4 from Swedish wood!

Looks like a really nice case and made by an responsiblity company. Anyone who has tested them? I think I will try one for my FP4.


Here’s where one forum member gave the first feedback about those (includes a few more photos further down the topic):

You might want to join the discussion there, although back then it was about this case for the FP3 only.


I bought my wooden case in june 2021. It works fine. A few weeks ago I dropped the FP3 and I got a crack in the case (upper left corner). It wasn’t the first time I dropped it. The case is a bit tricky to take off, but I seldom take it off. I’ve now decided to try to glue the crack myself.
I’ve got a lot of friends involved in NGO’s and the environment, and many of them asks about the case (not the FP3 :frowning: ). I answer them and tells about the Fairphone too :smiley:.
Just before christmas it slipped out of my pocket and into the icy ground (with gravels) and the display cracked! But no more cracks in the case though. I’ve ordered a new one, now with screen protector. I hope the protector works with the case.


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Has anyone bought a case from Bark Sweden for a FP4? I would like to know how it fits. And some pictures would be nice. Thanks.