WLAN does not connect

My Fairphone 2 does no longer connect to my WLAN network at home since I am back from a travel. The router works with other mobiles and my computer. I restarted several times my mobile, deleted the cache of apps, and checked whether all apps have the newest update. I also reset the network connections in the set-up menu.
Obviously, something with android is wrong. I have a message from Android that app updates are available (also everything is updated) and I should connect WLAN to continue (in German: Android- Einrichtung: App-Updates sind verfügbar Stelle zum Fortfahren eine WLan-Verbindung her). The WLan channels are visible but when I try to connect with my password it says that the network could not be stored and the connection not be set up (in Germna:Netzwerk konnte nicht gespeichert werden. Netzwerkverbindung konnte nicht hergestellt werden). I haven’t found any specific help in the internet. I tried all advises without success. Is there any possibility without re-setting everything to the initial values and loosing all data? Thanks for help! Juliane

When searching the internet - did you also have a look at relevant topics here within the forum?

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Thanks Volker! I searched around but most of the things they recommend I have done already and it did not help. Others are with older android versions but I have Android 9 and OS21.10.0-rel.2, specific software changes from older versions might not help in my case. For me it seems that android has a problem. Can I do somehow an automatic check and repair of the android version? Unfortunately, I am not a computer guru. Or is there an update coming soon so that I can wait some time and work with my mobile data? Thanks and Happy New Year!

Here the most recent thread that should contain all workarounds. Which Router do you usw and is it working with other networks?

Else this sounds similar

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Thanks for this tip. It did also not work with another router in Germany yesterday. Actually, there the problem started. We have a Fritz!box. Maybe my antenna does not work anymore because my problem seems the same as in the report you linked me to? I might exchange it, a friend will bring me her old FP2. Happy New Year! Juliane

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