Withdraw Support Ticket

Hello there!
Months ago, I raised a support ticket, and I didn’t get answer since then, since the support staff is very busy at the moment. But with the helpful people in this forum I got an answer to my question. Now I want to withdraw my ticket number (I don’t have it here atm because I’m on holiday) to boost the response speed for others, but I don’t know how. I think that maybe others want to do the same so I opened this thread.



I’m not sure how best to do it - if you can modify / add to your existing ticket by logging into the support system, that could help. If not, try replying to the auto-response that you got when submitting the request. In either case just add the message that it’s been sorted and you’re fine with them closing the ticket. I understand closing it yourself would be even better, but I’m not sure whether you have that option (and I’m not going to create request just to find out…).


They still use zendesk, right? I guess just replying with “All good, please close” will be the easiest.

It’s a cloud based solution. You don’t have to do much, but you can’t change much. You just have to work the tickets. If I remember correctly … zendesk is paid by accounts. So the more helpdesk people you have … the more you have to pay. Other cloud SaaS get paid by tickets …

Maybe you can ask if they are happy with their ticket system and the workflows in the AMA? This is one of the questions that should get through …

Update: I updated the AMA wiki a bit. Fix it if you want … it’s a wiki :slight_smile:


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