Wirex and coinbase app

Hallo, I would like to know if Fairphone 3 suppports conibase or wirex app.
Thank you

The Fairphone 3 comes with Android 10.

Looking at the Google Play Store entries for these apps:
Coinbase requires at least Android 6.0
Wirex requires at least Android 5.0

So both should work.

(Although I feel I should state that by using Bitcoin you are kinda undoing the environmental benefit of using a repairable phone. As someone concerned with the climate, I would very much like to personally ask you to try to avoid using Bitcoin. I can’t change people’s behaviour, and of course it stays your decision, but Bitcoin’s energy consumption seriously worries me)


My view is slightly different in that
a) I agree with the notion of energy consumption and so would not use bitcoin

b) The Fairphone is more about Fair Trade with the miners and factory workers.
c) My concern is not about ecology and the planet that just a reflection of my consumption.
d) I wouldn’t ask someone not to use bitcoin or mess the planet up in their chosen way. i.e. don’t want to point the finger except at myself :slight_smile:

If it was possible to only mess up your own living space, I’d say sure, let everyone do what they want. But there is no destroying the planet only for yourself. One’s actions have an effect on others. And I don’t feel it is unreasonable to kindly ask someone to not do something that affects me.


Before a discussion about bitcoin takes off in this thread; might I point to this thread:

In that thread the general pros and cons of cryptocurrency are discussed, not just the option to pay a Fairphone this way.

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Thank you ! It was kind of you to answer me!

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