Wireless charging - Car charging

I’ve seen this thread :

And I get it. Wireless charging absolutely isn’t efficient. Some people have mentioned solar panels too. I have those too but I still wouldn’t charge my phones using wireless charging

This is especially true when wireless charging is really mostly wired anyway

Where wireless charging absolutely excels though is in your car. Yes it’s technically inefficient but I’d argue that’s worth it in a car

Equally, wireless android auto would be absolutely amazing but not sure if it already supports that natively anyway

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Every time I tried wireless charging in a car with an iPhone, it was very slow but heated up the phone noticeably. So I’m still not a big fan of it. It might be handy, but kind of useless.


Looking online, it depends a lot on the charger.

Besides, if its a sunny day, your phone that’s charging in your car wil probably get hot anyway.

Does it at least support wireless android auto?

If I read it correctly, Google has stopped Android Auto from Android 12 on in favor of Google Assistant. As I have disabled Android Auto on my FP2 because during my rare car rides I usually have either started what I want before setting off or I have a human assistant next to me I cannot tell if any of these two is better or not.

Even in that case, wireless charging creates even more heat :wink:.

You are confusing the actual Android Auto (which is still supported) with the Android Auto for phone screens. Only the latter is being replaced by the Google Assistant driving mode.

I haven’t tested it, but I believe that wireless Android Auto is more about your car supporting it, not your phone. It simply requires 5GHz Wi-Fi and at least Android 11, which the FP4 meets.

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It’s both. Both have to support it. My work phone connects wirelessly. My Pixel 2XL can’t as it doesn’t support it