Wired connection 3.5mm adapter not working Fairbuds XL

Hello everyone. New around here. Made this account specifically to troubleshoot this issue.

I’ve attempted to make my fairbuds xl work with multiple different usb-c to 3.5mm jack adapters now and even confirmed that a signal is indeed passed through the adapter to the headset by using two other usb-c headsets.

What am I doing wrong? Do I have a wrong adapter?

I would connect the headphones straight to my pc but unfortunately, that produces this rather unpleasant hissing noise. If anyone knows how to resolve that, that would be a good solution also.

Thank you in advance.

Welcome to the Fairphone community.

I don’t understand exactly, what you are trying to do. How can a USB-C headphone work with a jack adapter?
Which ones exactly did you try where?

So what are you trying to connect them to?

I tested the adapter with two different Sony WI1000X earbuds.

Anything that outputs audio, phone, pc, etc.

They are wireless :confused:.

That’s interesting. Are you saying that the headphones are only able to connect with a direct usb-c connection?

Essentially I’m trying to get a wired connection to the headphone without the awful hissing noise.

I can assure you they work both wired and wirelessly.

With USB-C as you said? How can they connect to a USB-C to jack adapter?

USB C female to 3.5 male
not the more common
USB C male to 3.5 female

Technically they have a micro usb which I convert to usb-c, which I then convert to a jack.

PC → jack → usb-c → micro usb → WI1000X

Take out the usb-c to micro usb adapter and plug in the fairbuds xl like so:

no sound
PC → jack → usb-c → Fairbuds XL

It’s a usb-c male to 3.5 female are you saying that wouldn’t work?
It’s the same fairphone sells here:

And recommends in the faq:

This ‘adapter’ is a USB-DAC that converts the digital singal of an USB-C output to the analog input of an audio device. It can’t convert the signal in the opposite direction.

No! That works from the FP4 USC C female and provides a Female 3.5 for headphones with a 3.5 jack. The adapter has the DAC to convert digital to analogue.

In a computer with analogue out you just need a straight through analogue.

I’m unsure if my adapter is a dac or analog. Anyway to tell beyond the tests I’ve already conducted?

I still don’t know, what you want to do or what you want to avoid.

Which connection exactly gives you the ‘hissing noise’?

Then I think we can safely rule out that my adapter is a usb-dac.

Why? It won’t work anyway.

What makes you so sure of this?

Like I said, It’s working for my earbuds, why shouldn’t it work with the fairbuds xl?

Because you want to convert an analog signal to a digital, a DAC does the complete other way, it converts digital to analog.