Wired connection 3.5mm adapter not working Fairbuds XL

This cable

is not the cable you need.

To listen to audio that comes out of your PC you would need a cable like this :


Possibly, but if the ‘hissing noise’ comes from the analog output of his PC, it’s not want he wants. But we still don’t know.

This is probably the solution.

Makes me curious how and why the sony earbuds still function.

Would you happen to know the difference between the two cables at a technical level?

Some earbuds have an analogue input
Some require a digital and have a built in DAC or require one if you want to plug into an analogue.

To convert Analogue to digital you will need an ADC
PC jack out etc. to a digital input device.

This cable

is used to connect wired headphones/earphones so you can listen to audio that comes from - for example- a phone without a built-in 3.5mm headphone jack ( like the Fairphone 4 )

And this cable

is used to connect your Fairbuds XL to a device with a 3.5mm jack for audio-output.
With this cable, you should be able to hear audio coming from your PC on your Fairbuds XL.

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I bought a long cable from Aliexpress and that one did not work on the headphones. I bought another shorter one from Fairphone which works, but the sound is quite low and I cannot turn it up.

Any info on how to increase volume?

To the OP you realise that you use them wired with the power off right?

On the unknown device you connected the Fairbuds XL to :slight_smile: ?

My TV is already at its highest. I think it can only be done with the power on the headphones switched on but that confused me as it connects to my Bluetooth transmitter.
But the audio plug from the transmitter was not in the TV.
Solved it the power must be on on the headphones to listen at high volume. If the power is off then the volume is low.
cheers anyway.

Sorry for warming up this oldish thread, but I too am a bit confused. According to the shop description the USB-C to Mini Audio Jack adapter does support both input and output. So, if I connect the USB-C to mini jack adapter to the Fairbuds XL, and then a male to male mini jack cable to the adapter and my pc, like this one


this should in my mind work, shouldn’t it?

Where did you read that the headphones should be turned off when wired?

The newest firmware update fixed my issue completely and I now use it with a regular usb c cable with the headphones on. No hissing and good volume. I’d give it a try, check the official app.

just wanna let you know that the newest firmware fixed the hissing issue when using a regular usb c cable.

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I think I read that on their site, maybe not. Ordinary headphones do not require power to operate when connected to a 3.5mm audio source. Fairbuds XL work at a low level when powered down but plugged in.

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